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Working to bring a brighter Christmas to Radcliffe

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2013 16:34 GMT

Bury Council is working with Radcliffe Business Group over a long-term and sustainable solution for Christmas decorations in Radcliffe. 

The decorations for Radcliffe were bought five years ago with funding from the council and a £3,000 grant from the local township forum. The business group was not required to make a financial contribution to the purchase of these lights, and neither have the decorations been lost. All the lights (27 street column displays and one canopy display) are currently in safe storage. 

Councillor Mike Connolly, leader of Bury Council, said: “I am very keen to work with Radcliffe Business Group and support the traders in finding a solution similar to that adopted in Tottington and Ramsbottom, where the local business groups already organise and fund their own decorations. 

“A quotation has been provided by the council for electrically testing, installing, maintaining and dismantling the Christmas decorations in Radcliffe. However, the business group is keen to pursue a lower cost option by using a local qualified electrician who has access to a mobile tower wagon. 

“Either option could benefit from a £750 township forum grant which is due to be submitted by the business group. 

“Regrettably the council is unable to sustain the level of funding put into this in previous years, but we are still providing lighted Christmas trees in each of the townships again this year. Furthermore, the tree in Radcliffe will be decorated with traditional, brighter multi-coloured festoon lights instead of the white lights used last year. 

“Hopefully, support from local businesses will be forthcoming and a solution can be found quickly which means we can hand the lights over and Radcliffe won’t be without lights this year or in years to come.”

Peter Hardman, treasurer of Radcliffe Business Group, said: “We are talking to the council about how we might organise the lights for Radcliffe ourselves this year.  With this in mind, we are very keen to hear from any local electrical contractor or other business that wants to get involved, or can help in any way, in creating a brighter Christmas for Radcliffe. The business group is also thinking beyond Christmas to get involved in other improvements for Radcliffe working with the council.”

Anyone interested in getting involved or wanting to help with Radcliffe Christmas decorations can contact Peter Hardman at


Press release issued: 5 November 2013.