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§ New laws to prevent doctors from killing patients!

News   •   Oct 04, 2016 15:43 BST

Cancer is not a death sentence -

For the safety of the patients, we need new laws controlling doctors:

1. No doctors are allowed to tell a patient how long he/she can live

2. No doctors are allowed to tell a patient there are no cure for his/her condition

3. Doctors are obligated by Law to inform cancer patients about non-toxic options

4. Doctors are obligated by Law to inform BC patients they can keep their breasts

With these Laws integrated, we can save patients lives and reduce unnecessary suffering.

1. No doctor knows how long patients can live. To many times doctors are wrong

We have experienced many patients living 5, 10 and even 20 years longer than the doctor predicted. This tells us that a doctor NEVER should say to a patient how many months or years he has left.

Sometimes when a doctor (a person with power) tells an unsecure or week person how long he can live, this can be the influence that creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and lead to his/her death (according to Dr. Buttar).

It can go both ways. But telling a person a date or month he should die is wrong. Information like this can be heavy and stressful for the patient.

We know from research that we can influence, activate and deactivate our genes by thinking and exercising. The patient is the only person to set goals for his/her life and death.

2. Doctor`s ignorance can take away patient`s hope and motivation

We have seen patients suffer 5 years in pain only because the doctor told them:

There is no cure for your condition. Of course there was a cure, and in most cases are.

But the problem with doctors that not are willing to learn when his patients are cured, is that all the next patients will suffer unnecessary, as his previous patient did.

Among 45 patients that was cured for what their doctor told them was incurable, says self-motivation, the emotional and spiritual helped them to be cured.

How can doctors continue saying to patients something is incurable, when all experience show it is possible to cure?

3. Doctors should always choose treatment that does not harm the patient

There are more than 20 different non-toxic cancer treatments and protocols that cause no harm on patients.

4. Women with breast cancer wants to keep their breasts. Today this is possible

But does your doctor know it is possible?

Breast cancer patients tell us they were not given any choice, but to remove their breasts.

Doctors without knowledge on non-toxic treatments will tell patient to remove breast. Some doctors will not tell you about the new options, even if they knew about them.

Dr. Buttar provoke many with his statement - Cancer is not a death sentence!

                                      See the film with Dr. Buttar`s amazing story

Maybe Dr. Buttar has important information and knowledge you should listen to. With all the fear and suffering people go through with cancer, Dr. Buttar`s experience is important to share with patients and doctors.

In the film with Dr. Buttar you will see "The Power of belief" killed cancer patients.

Dr. Buttar say some patients died because they believed the doctor when he told they would die, not because of the cancer.

The good news are that in less than 20 years nobody will be afraid of cancer!

In near future we would all be able to control cancer with private instruments and our phone.

We already seen the start of this amazing developing within Technology and Healthcare. It flips the power structure between the doctor and the patient. Patients will be more and more in control of their own health and also the cures.

Everything can soon be measured by the phone or from your personal computer. We will get readings on our phone years before cancer develops in our bodies. And we can also stop cancer growing from our own private device.

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