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Warning - Do not get victimized by cancer treatment

Press release   •   Sep 21, 2016 07:30 BST

Medical Breakthrough saving lives

Most cancer related deaths are due to the treatment, chosen by your doctor! 

50 % of chemo treatment killed the patients within 30 days.

Risk 1 - Patients being killed by the chemo "cure" - not cancer

Recently there was an article in The Lancet Oncology - The Telegraph - The Guardian bringing attention to the fact that hospitals in UK killed up to 50% of their cancer patients with chemo in 30 days. Even if you were to survive these toxins they put into your body, and call a cure, painful side effects can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Risk 2 - Patients dies from dehydration/malnourishment - not cancer

Our experience shows that many cancer patients dies of dehydration and being malnourished. Many patients could be saved only by monitoring and better follow up in hospitals.

Why is cancer patients choosing toxin instead of non-toxin cancer treatment, and pay with their life?

Lack of knowledge and not having "the right" information, together with some doctors that are not willing to tell their patients about non-toxic treatments, are the main reasons.

Leaders of Cancer Management are tired of the doctors who accepting the killing of their own cancer patients. This is unacceptable, and we demand that doctors are being more responsible and start informing patients about side effects from chemo, and give information about non-toxic treatments. CM will continue their work to enlighten people through their webpage Cancer patients can find statistics, read about side effects, and learn about non-toxic cancer treatments.

How can patients know which hospital taking life or saving the most lives?

Patients need to understand that doctors in public hospitals give treatments "the system" guide them to use, no matter the results and outcome. The doctors in these hospitals can not integrate methods, even if they have far better results.

Your choice may determine whether you survive or die!

Once you understand the different cancer treatments, you are on the right path to avoid being another victim and on the death statistic. Many cancer patients easily become victims to their disease. This is why chosen the right cancer treatment can be vital for your survival!

  • Hospitals can lose as many as 98 % of their cancer patients after years with harsh chemo treatmen!
  • Hope4Cancer in Cancun can save 90 % of their patients in 21 days using non-toxic treatments

Hope4CancerCancun have 1/5 of the price of some hospitals in USA

Cancer Management warning all doctors to use inhuman treatments on their patients. This is not acceptable.

Doctors are by law, obligated to help patients find non-toxic treatments when their own treatment fails!

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Exclusivity is the best description of cancer therapies delivered via Cancer Management's system.

Our company have a limit of 10 cancer patients a month. Every single patient is being followed up personally and carefully no matter if the patient comes from Asia, Europe, USA, South America, Africa or Australia. 

The way we work gives patients a VIP experience with a focus on trust, efficiency and safety. This helping to create far better results!

We use Hope4Cancer organisation and their clinic in Caribbean for the treatments!

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