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Five startups to watch out for at the Changing Media Summit

Blog post   •   Feb 07, 2013 10:49 GMT

Your crib sheet for some of the innovative startups that will present at the summit in March

The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2013 – 21 and 22 March. Tomas Bella Photograph: Anna Gordon

It's not just household names to watch out for at the Changing Media Summit, there are a number of new businesses that are due to present their radical new visions for the future of media. We've picked five startups we think you should know about before you arrive at the summit in March who are making waves in the media industry with their innovative new business models.


Seen by many as a disruptive model for a global content, having received 2.5 billion views of its video content worldwide, the online gaming reviews portal received received $35 million in investment from Google last year. It was the first time Google has openly backed a content company by taking an equity stake and the investment was seen by the media industry as symbolic in that sense. Perhaps their business could no longer be defined as a startup given the speed at which their business has grown and established itself.


"Geckoboard's rise speaks to a growing trend among businesses to consolidate ever-growing lists of diagnostics and information into simpler views to be able to better assess that information" – read why Index ventures lead a $1.5 million investment in this TechCrunch report.

A platform to manage your charitable identity, empowers both people and charities to do more good for the world through innovative ideas & technology.

Founder Ivvet Modinou wasn't content with the existing music discovery services that were at her disposal while working as a volcanologist in Hawaii. She'll explain how she built her own unique service for music discovery based on real-life artist relationships.

Visual Revenue

Acqui-hired by Yahoo as director of data insights while COO at IndexTools, Changing Media speaker Dennis Mortensen now runs Visual Revenue, the platform that allows editors and publishers to optimise their web pages in real-time to respond to user behaviour using predictive analytics.

The Changing Media Summit takes place 21 and 22 March 2013.

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