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News   •   May 19, 2014 17:04 BST

"Over 25% of our traffic is already on a mobile device," said Michael Welsh, founder. "Our new site recognizes what device you're on and formats the content appropriately for that screen size. Our new 'NewsDesk' functionality does likewise."

But the "NewsDesk" is more than a platform for CompareLegalCosts own PR. "We're inviting all of our solicitor members to submit relevant material to the news desk which, after a quick vetting and editing process, we'll have up on our responsive NewsDesk and amplify through our social media channels. There are so many changes in law daily that we aim to provide an up-to-date and easily understood source of legal information--and help our member solicitors connect with a greater online audience." is the UK's first and only network for fixed-fee solicitors; ask for a quite for a divorce, conveyancing or a merger and CLC's lawyers will give you a competitive, and fixed, fee for the activity. "Gone are the days when a lawyer's fee were 'how long is piece of string,'" said Welsh. "With CompareLegalCosts, you not only get to compare legal fees but you can also be assured that the quotes from nationally vetted and reviewed legal firms give you are what you will pay."

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