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Press Release   •   Sep 08, 2010 10:08 BST

‘Let’s do lunch’ could become a phrase of the past as business breakfast meetings become increasingly popular, a study by Costa Coffee revealed yesterday.

As bosses try to make the most of workers productivity levels and budgets, more than two thirds of workers say breakfast meetings are becoming more common, with four in ten saying they attend more now than they did five years ago.

79 per cent of people said that having breakfast made them more productive during the day with 55 per cent saying they are more likely to arrange an early morning meeting with food because of this.

Another 64 per cent think breakfast or morning meetings have more positive outcomes than those later in the day and 67 per cent of people believe they are more likely to pay attention.

Almost a quarter also admitted to cancelling an afternoon meeting because they were struggling to concentrate.

14 per cent admitted that breakfast meetings were lighter on company expenses than those taken over lunch and influenced their choice of time and venue.

Kevin Hydes, spokesman for Costa Coffee, which carried out the study for the launch of its new breakfast range, said: ‘’We have definitely seen a rise in the number of business meetings taking place in our stores over the years, especially in the mornings and can understand why many British companies are preferring to hold meetings at this time of day.

‘’People tend to be much more alert after they’ve had a good night’s sleep,  a good breakfast  and a great cup of coffee, so not only are people more likely to pay attention, but they are likely to be more enthusiastic about what is being discussed.

‘’To add to that, the moment you get into the office, it’s easy to get bogged down with phones calls and emails, so breaking to go into a meeting in the middle of the day can be a nightmare.

‘’It’s much better than meeting later on in the day when all you are thinking about is going home.’’

The poll of 3,000 workers also revealed that 42 per cent of employees regularly attend breakfast meetings, with 36 per cent believing it’s easier to pin people down first thing in the morning.

Another 39 per cent think the mornings are an ideal time to brainstorm new ideas while 22 per cent use the time to meet clients.

One in twenty even held job interviews over breakfast.

Kevin Hydes spokesman for Costa Coffee added: ‘’The study has proved what we have been noticing in our own stores, that breakfast business meetings are becoming more and more popular.

“We hope our new range of breakfast items including toast, all day breakfast rolls, yogurt and fruit along with our great hand-made coffee will help get the nation’s business breakfast meetings off to a flying start”

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