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DeadSocial's 'Dying Matters Awareness Week Popup Shop' in London

Blog post   •   Jun 26, 2013 07:45 BST

During Dying Matters Awareness Week we ran a free coffee pop-up shop and hosted a series of events and workshops on Camden High Street in London. Here is what happened...

A Short video that we put together (from footage attained during the week)More information at / Music performed live by Tim Watt

Earling Monday morning (the popup coffee shop is ready for action)

Monday 13th May (1pm-4.30pm) - Nim Njuguna, 'Reflecting on life before death' 

Nim Njugunga & a wonderful attendee

Tuesday 14th May (10pm-12pm) Susan Morris, "caring for someone who is dying" - Drop in Surgery to meet a local palliative care nurse' Tuesday 14th May 10am-1pm

Tuesday 14th May (1pm-6pm) ‘Leverton & Sons Ltd. Ask the funeral director' 

Tuesday (7pm - 11pm) DeadSocial's Dying Matters Awareness Week Popup Party

Dying Matters Party

Wednesday, 15th May (1pm-5.30pm) Lawrence Darani “What is it about Death specifically that frightens us?” 

Lawrence Darani

Wednesday, 15th May (7pm+) Death Café with Jon Underwood

death cafe london

Thursday 16th May (2pm-5.30pm) Dr. Patrick McDaid Thursday, "Addressing Death" 

Dr Patrick McDaid

Emily Engel “Living Wills" (1pm-5.30pm) Friday 17th May (photo with volunteer, Samira Abdinur Mohamed )  Other happenings...The "Before I die I would like to..." wall and the #DyingMatters TwitterBalloon release with attached messages each evening into the London sky

About Dying Matters

In 2009, the National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) set up the Dying Matters Coalition to promote public awareness of dying, death and bereavement.

The Coalition’s Mission is “to support changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards death, dying and bereavement, and through this to make ‘living and dying well’ the norm".

 Members include organisations from across the NHS, voluntary and independent health and care sectors (including hospices, care homes, charities supporting old people, children and bereavement); social care and housing sectors;  a wide range of faith organisations; community organisations; schools and colleges; academic bodies; trade unions; the legal profession and the funeral sector.

About DeadSocial

DeadSocial has been developed to ensure that we have our end of life wishes met both in the physical and online world.

DeadSocial addresses "what happens to my social networks and online legacy when I die".  It enables users to create a series of secret messages (video, photos and text). These are saved and form part of their ‘social media will’. These messages are only sent out onto the user’s private social networks once they pass away (currently supporting Facebook and Twitter).

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