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THE LEGENDARY TIGERMAN: Diary Of A 'Misfit' - Video Memoirs From Rancho De La Luna

News   •   Aug 13, 2018 02:46 BST

The Legendary Tigerman

Written by Nathan Whittle and StonerHive

In a society of drifting alienation, chained in a struggle to make oneself heard, noticed, validated, and loved, one man disconnects, drops out and embarks on a journey of self-discovery in the pursuit of non-existence. On a twelve-day road trip from Los Angeles to Death Valley, Portugal’s prodigal blues aficionado and multi-instrumentalist Paolo Furtado, a.k.a. The Legendary Tigerman, immersed himself in the skin of the philosophically disturbed protagonist of his own story.

Each day he would rise, drive, scribe and, by night, armed only with his guitar and the solitude of a motel room, pen the songs that would eventually make up Misfit. Recorded at the legendary Rancho de Luna studio in Joshua Tree, California, his sixth record is possibly his greatest one to date.

It’s a trek through the desert, a trek through musical history, through rock, blues, punk and dipping your toes into the stoner pool and drying yourself off with some gritty romp and stomp that would sound perfect everywhere but especially in some ramshackle drinking hole filled with forlorn and dusty characters. 

With dogs howling at the moon and knives next to the blood speckled playing cards spread out across the tables. It’s beautiful and it will make you shiver with desire or fear or that weird oxygen deprived feeling the desert heat can give you. Or striving to be your own man, your true self, that outsider that lurks beneath the surface. Misfit. The soundtrack for your destiny!


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