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Media Weekly - Grexit stage left. Greek tragedy comes to a crescendo

Blog post   •   May 18, 2012 16:43 BST

This week Greece has dominated the news once more. With voters turning their backs on austerity, the country failed to form a government and is to return to the polls once again in June, sparking increased fears of a “Grexit” from the Euro.

On the bright side, perhaps the vast sums of money currently being withdrawn from Greek banks is actually down to thousands of Hellenic Facebook investors trying to make a quick Drachma or two in the company’s vast IPO, which goes live today.

Meanwhile, back in Blighty (which coincidentally is stealing Greece’s flame), the Jubilee tour appeared to take an extreme diversion to avoid Damian Green’s uncontrollable wind and Joan Collins’ fury at the queues at Heathrow. In addition to this inconvenience, the Queen has once again been forced to put up with Prince Phillip’s idiosyncrasies: first we saw his ill-timed phonecall, then his quip about the zip.

Here are some more classic gaffes from the Duke to lighten your Friday.

In other news this week, Rebecca Brooks was apparently charged with witchcraft, President Hollande got soaked and struck by lightning, and our very own Fishburn Hedges research into whether social media is re-defining the relationships between consumers and brands sparked conversation on BBC online. Do follow the discussion at @Fishburnhedges or on #smcustomer.

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