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Media Weekly - Libor-ating the week's other news

Blog post   •   Jul 06, 2012 11:51 BST

Although it’s hard to believe, there have been things going on in the world this week away from banking. In fact, it was a pretty good week for some. George Entwistle was appointed as the new director general of the BBC (just a pity the beeb’s own programme couldn’t spell his name correctly), Helen Prowse landed the job of Twitter’s first UK-focussed comms professional, Alan Sugar launched YouView and Channel Four debuted its new channel, 4Seven.

And as the Shard goes up and the rain comes down, here’s a few other stories that have(n’t) been making the headlines this week… The Sun accused Go Compare of trivialising terrorism, as their new advert features Sue Barker blowing up everyone’s favourite, Mr Gio Compario (well, someone needed to do it). Our friends across the pond were gripped by news of a weird scientology coincidence that sees Tom Cruise being left by his wives each time they reach the age of 33. Many of our mainstream outlets covered the leap second which was added to the world clock and caused havoc for many high profile website services and a few noticed that Julian Assange continued to ignore requests to surrender himself to the police, as he was too busy celebrating his 41st birthday while still holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

And what better way to end the week than with a story about pandas. In a turn of events that leads me to think panda breeding is the new space race, the cuddly creatures have been making headlines across the globe: Tokyo's first giant panda cub in 24 years was born this week, but unfortunately straight into a diplomatic dispute; Mexico City Zoo is catching up, with the Washington Post telling Mexico not to fear - two experts on panda reproduction are here! But as with everything this year, London is leading the way. A group of 108 tai chi dancing, giant pandas caused a big stir on the tube and certainly made one photo journalist’s day.

Happy weekends all. Let’s hope Murray brings us some sunshine this week, and that we get more of this, and less of this.

@MirrorJames As if traveling by Megabus wasn't traumatic enough... #M6 #terror

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