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ABW, say what?

Blog post   •   Aug 22, 2017 11:22 BST

Interior design is used to spark creativity and productivity

One buzzing trend among companies today is activity-based working, also called ABW. Companies all over the world might be thinking about implementing it to their office or they have already kicked off the process. But what is ABW all about?

We will talk you through the basics. ABW is a office utilization scheme where the office is designed to support different work activities, rather than drawing a boundary around the employees' personal spaces. In an activity-based office, employees do not have fixed desks with their computer, from where they work day out and day in. Instead the employees are mobile, choosing to work in different spaces, such as team desks, quiet concentration rooms, telephone booths or meeting rooms. Where they choose to work depends on what tasks they need to focus on during the day and what result they want to gain.

To give you a clearer picture about ABW, you can resemble an ABW office with your home. Your home has different rooms with unique purposes; you rest in the bedroom, eat with family and friends in the kitchen or read in the living room sofa. Every room takes collaboration, relaxation and productivity into question. You pick room depending on which environment is best equipped for your task.

In Vasakronan's entrance, a relaxed and colorful lounge aims to increase collaboration and creativity 

To sum it up, ABW is a concept where the company adapts its work environment to the employees’ needs, instead of the other way around. Because of its flexibility, ABW has proven to increase the overall work satisfaction and productivity among employees. And you would not have to be a rocket scientist to understand how utterly beneficial this is for every company.

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