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Situations at work that trigger unnecessary stress

Blog post   •   Feb 02, 2016 15:35 GMT

A broken coffee machine can cause irritation among employees

Some work situations cause stress or irritation, even though they seem minor. Do you recognize any of these situations?

The coffee machine is broken
You have a 9 o’clock meeting, but you have overslept and now you are running late. You race to the kitchen for your survival morning coffee. But while you wait for the coffee to pour, the lamp starts flashing red. The machine doesn’t work.. The meeting is about to start and unfortunately you do not have time to find another coffee machine.

Your colleagues are too noisy
You have a deadline in one hour. While you are trying to go through your report, your colleagues start a lively discussion next to you. You can’t focus and you read the same section over and over again. You wish there was a quieter area where you could read without being interrupted.

You can’t find the printer
You need to print a report, but the printer doesn’t work. You check the ink and search for jammed papers, but it works fine. You then realize that the code is different than the one you choose in the settings. Where is printer 5546/225e?

You forgot to book a conference room
An important client is waiting for you in the reception, but you have forgotten to book a conference room. With the help of your colleagues, you search through the list of available conference rooms to find one with a projector. You finally get lucky, but your client as been waiting for ten minutes.

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