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Press Release   •   Jun 04, 2013 15:28 BST

Website owners big and small constantly grapple with the dilemma of how to effectively ‘monetise’ their site, and enhance their offering, without irritating customers.  Many struggle to make the traditional affiliate model work, with low sales conversions being a key reason.

Flubit, the innovative new online shopping service, believes they’ve found the answer.  By allowing third parties to integrate seamlessly into their platform, partners can give the Flubit experience to their users - the ability to demand and get better offers on products they actually want to buy.

The consumer facing website has already helped tens of thousands of online shoppers save money since launching seven months ago; with high sales conversion rates and repeat custom being a key reason for its immediate success.

Head of Marketing, Gary Dalton, believes Flubit goes way beyond a traditional e-commerce offering:  “We very much see Flubit as a service for everyone and anyone buying online.  It’s completely free to use, there’s no obligation, we don’t push any products or deals and customers come to us when they are ready to buy.  We’ve invested heavily in technology, so even though there’s a huge amount going on behind the scenes the process for users is quick, simple and straightforward.”

Flubit’s technologies and systems have been two years in the making and they are now opening up their platforms to potential partners who want to integrate into their e-commerce solutions. 

The consumer API that has been developed and used in the recent integration with InvisibleHand has numerous potential applications; from allowing users to  demand directly from a third party website, with just a couple of clicks, through to highly relevant contextual product placement ads within existing content.

Dalton says “We’ve just launched our partner website which provides a brief overview of ways in which we can partner up.  There are no set up fees and our technologies are very flexible, so we’d be interested in talking to potential partners to find out how we could work together to help increase revenues, add value to the customer relationships or improve existing sales conversions”

There are currently no set up costs to work with Flubit and interested parties should visit or email

Headed up by Founder and CEO Bertie Stephens Flubit is made up of a team of 35 staff based in the heart of Tech City.

Recently awarded the Start Up of the Year Award at the London Web Summit, the consumer facing website has already helped tens of thousands of users save money since launching seven months ago and managed £7 million worth of demands.  

Flubit are now also opening up their platform and technologies to partners to allow them to offer the demand driven experience to their users.

To experience the service for yourself visit and to find out more about partnership opportunities visit

Please contact for more information or call on 07919 573701.

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