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Going Paperless would save the NHS Billions.......

News   •   Feb 10, 2016 12:17 GMT

Over the next five years the Government will spend £4.2 billion on NHS Technology including apps, Wi-Fi, cyber security and electronic patient records – according to health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The full breakdown of where the cash is coming from and how it will be spent is still being discussed by the DoH and NHS England, but the department expects £1.8bn to be spent on achieving a paperless NHS at the point of care by 2018.

Creating a true EPR from the restructured physical case notes, with indexing applied to at least some clinical form-types, is the only way to ensure clinical usability and therefore deliver the anticipated benefits.

NHS organisations can save money and boost efficiency by investing in technology that is right for them, investment in the right technology will play a key role in addressing the NHS efficiency challenge. However, there is a note of caution – ‘right technology’ is the key phrase.

Virtually every system that we are called in to supersede is built by development professionals who build from the top down. They allow the data to dominate the user experience, resulting in a system that’s technically acceptable, but practically useless.

This costs organisations money and hours of frustration for staff that should be spent getting the job done. The health sector has fallen into the trap of development first, user experience second.

Unity, a specialist clinical management solution provided by Fortrus, has been built and validated by clinicians with their needs at its heart. It has been designed to address the need for rapid access to patient information. It also provides clinicians with vitally important data, securely, and at the point of care, anywhere in the hospital, and within any community setting. The solution does not simply give people access to the patient’s health record; it provides tools that allow clinicians the ability to access the information relevant to them, instantly, and intuitively.

This video provides a high level introduction to the end to end process associated with digitising patient records. The UNITY health viewer provides a unified clinical overview of your patient – on demand, anytime, anywhere, all Fortrus software is designed in association with the end users, providing access to huge amounts of data, in an intuitive, secure and seamless way:

For further information please contact:

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Chief Marketing Officer

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