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geo launches in-home display for the Netherlands to coincide with smart meter roll-out

Press Release   •   May 13, 2014 15:06 BST

(Cambridge, UK – 13th May 2014) Green Energy Options (geo) is pleased to announce the launch of its new in-home display (IHD), the Solo II P1, designed specifically to meet the technical requirements (P1) specified by the major Dutch energy grid operators.  The launch is particularly timely in light of the Dutch Ministerial letter regarding the successful smart meter trial recently completed in the Netherlands, and the results of a substantial study of IHDs carried out by VaasaETT(3rd April 2014). 

VaasaETT’s market research provides compelling evidence that IHDs more than pay for themselves, delivering savings of 9% on average. Tangible benefits include:

1.  Real-time consumption feedback: IHDs provide the single biggest benefit of smart meters to consumers: that is, consumption feedback information in real or near-real time.

2.  Reduction in energy usage: Consumption feedback information often leads to changes in behaviour that result in a reduction of energy usage.

3.  Ongoing, long-term efficiency: Economies can be realised not just as a one-off, up-front reduction in energy usage, but on an ongoing basis, as consumers become more adept at using IHDs and changing their behaviours accordingly. In fact, the VaasaETT study found that those using an IHD for more than two years achieved greater savings than those using one for less than a year.

4.  Improved customer relationships: Consumers feel more positive about the company providing them with an IHD, which may be the first tangible gift/product they have received from their energy retailer.

Consumption feedback pilots demonstrate the biggest impact is made by IHDs, as compared with bills or websites.  The feedback provided in the home is both ambient and non-intrusive.  Furthermore, the report concluded that multiple channels of engagement can in fact complement each other, i.e., bills, websites and mobile apps can enhance and reinforce the benefits of IHDs.

geo’s Dutch IHD has been designed to meet the communications requirements of the Dutch electricity market, while building upon the considerable success the geo product range has had in the UK and Europe. 

The Datasheet for the new Solo II P1 from geoproduct is available to purchase now and can be fitted at the time the smart meter is installed or retrofitted after the smart meter has been installed.  For further information, please contact James Rankin, Head of Distribution and Partner Sales, Green Energy Options Limited.

About VaasaETT and BEAMA

VaasaETT is a world leading research and advisory company specialising in the electricity and gas industry and who, in their field of expertise, have followed more energy markets in more detail, for a longer time than any other organisation around the world (  The VaasaETT report was sponsored by BEAMA, the UK trade association for manufacturers of electrotechnical equipment.

About Green Energy Options (geo)

geo is a consumer engagement company which designs and produces in-home energy and water displays, online services and mobile applications that engage with consumers. geo enables utility suppliers, meter manufacturers and installers to strengthen the relationship with their customers by putting them in control of their energy and water consumption and budgets in a visual, informative and engaging way. geo’s products and services work together with pre-smart and smart meters and even with microgeneration, making an efficient home possible. geo is a Partner in the Amsterdam Smart City project (

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