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Unique accommodation at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

Press release   •   Feb 17, 2017 11:28 GMT

Carsten Höller - Two Roaming Beds (Grey). Foto: Attilio Maranzano, Hangar Bicocca, Milano 2016

From May 12th until September 10th, the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (HOK) will be transformed into the Henie Onstad Sanatorium by internationally renowned artist Carsten Höller. The exhibition will present numerous playful and experimental installations, offering unique experiences to the public.

The installation Two Roaming Beds plays a central role in the Henie Onstad Sanatorium.

-We invite our guests to spend the night here, explains HOK director Tone Hansen.

Two Roaming Beds comprises two identical beds, equipped with robotic technology and an automated control system. The beds move slowly through parts of the exhibition, simultaneously exploring and leaving their mark on the gallery halls.

-One bed leads the other, synchronising and mirroring the other’s motions. The beds move around during the night. Marker pens are attached to each bed, drawing patterns on the floor, and these become part of the exhibition. Overnight guests go to sleep in one place, and wake up somewhere else, Hansen explains.

An alternative way to spend the night, with international acclaim

-Two Roaming Beds has successfully engaged visitors in Milan and London. The beds are coming to Høvikodden directly from Stockholm, where they have been part of the exhibition Insomnia at Bonniers Konsthall, says Tone Hansen.

For the Henie Onstad Sanatorium project, the HOK is partnering with Lysebu Hotel, who will contribute to the experience with luxurious towels, bed linen, slippers, and bathrobes for all overnight guests.

-Lysebu Hotel focuses on the unique experiences, and appreciate our close collaboration with HOK. In addition to our contribution to Two Roaming Beds, we offer overnight guests the opportunity to combine a night at Høvikodden with a night at our hotel at the top of Holmenkollen. We have had a close partnership with HOK for many years, where focus has been on art, says Flemming Nilsen, director at Lysebu Hotel.

For visitors who order overnight accommodation in Two Roaming Beds, the Insensatus Kit will also provide part of the artistic experience. The kit contains toothpastes, and a specially designed toothbrush.

-The Insensatus Kit contains three tubes of three different substances, to inspire dreams relating to the female, male, and infant worlds, respectively. The toothpastes have been created by Carsten Höller, and are included as part of the artwork, says Director Hansen.

Researching the senses

The Henie Onstad Sanatorium is the first time the Belgian-born German artist Carsten Höller is being presented in Norway. Höller is known for using his artwork to explore the full range of his audience’s senses, and in addition to the unique overnight option of Two Roaming Beds, a slide will wind in and out of the building on Høvikodden, extraordinary sculptures will invite the public to float, slide, walk in darkness and fly.

-Höller is one of the world’s most renowned modern artists, and we are proud to present this enigmatic, playful artist to a Norwegian audience. The presentation of Carsten Höller offers a powerful, intense experience, far more than an ordinary exhibition, concludes Tone Hansen.

The Henie Onstad Sanatorium will be on display from May 12th to September 10th 2017.

Read more about the exhibition and overnight accommodation at

About Carsten Höller

Carsten Höller (1961) is a Belgian-born German artist, and the Henie Onstad Sanatorium exhibitionis his first full-scale presentation in Norway. Höller is one of the world’s most renowned modern artists, and his artworks challenge and explore the full array of his audience’s senses.

About Lysebu Hotel

Lysebu is owned by the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation, and was Norway’s national gift to Denmark following World War II. During World War II, the Danish population collected large sums to send food to Norway. Thousands and thousands of food parcels were distributed all over the country. After the war, there was still an appreciable sum remaining from the funds collected. This money was used to set up the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Co-operation. As an expression of thanks for Denmark’s assistance during the wartime years, the Norwegian nation presented Lysebu to the Foundation as a gift. The idea was to encourage Danes to travel to Norway and experience Norwegian culture. This little story explains the values on which Lysebu is founded; values that are integral to everything we do, and which inspire us every day: generosity, appreciation and care. And food.

Lysebu Hotel is situated in beautiful natural surroundings in Holmenkollen. In 2007 Lysebu initiated a collaboration with HOK. Through this collaboration Lysebu was given the opportunity to exhibit works from the centre’s collections.

More info:

HOK is a leading venue for 20th century and contemporary art, as well as music and experimental sound works. The Art Centre is located in a large sculpture park by the fjord, about 15 minutes drive from Oslo.

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