Curry house conman sentenced for £117,000 takeaway

Press Releases   •   Nov 17, 2017 13:16 GMT

An Indian restaurant owner who lined his pockets by stealing the VAT he charged his customers for takeaway meals, has been sentenced.


Billion pound win for UK taxpayers

Press Releases   •   Nov 15, 2017 14:45 GMT

The Supreme Court today ruled against users of a failed tax avoidance film partnership scheme which tried to use legitimate investment in the film industry as a hook for tax avoidance.


Six jailed for total of 45 years as HMRC smashes £100m fraud

Press Releases   •   Nov 10, 2017 16:31 GMT

Six members of a crime group have been jailed for a £107.9 million fraud in one of the UK’s biggest tax crimes.

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Payback time for Dorset tax fraudster

Press Releases   •   Nov 07, 2017 12:46 GMT

A Christchurch builder, who evaded more than £128,000 in tax, has been ordered to repay criminal profits of £141,453 within three months, or remain in prison for a further 18 months and still owe the money.


‘Parasite’ tax adviser jailed for £150,000 fraud

Press Releases   •   Nov 06, 2017 14:26 GMT

A self-styled tax adviser, who had no accounting qualifications, was branded a ‘parasite’ by a judge sentencing him to four and a half years’ in jail for committing a £150,000 tax fraud while living in Spain.


Six arrested in £17m money laundering raids

Press Releases   •   Nov 06, 2017 11:39 GMT

Five men and one woman have been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) into a suspected £17 million money laundering operation.

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The ‘spy’ who stole £1.6m tax

Press Releases   •   Nov 02, 2017 09:27 GMT

A company director, who stole more than £1.6 million in tax while pretending to be a spy to hide his life of crime, has been jailed.


Tax Facts training for Welsh teachers launched

Press Releases   •   Oct 31, 2017 19:40 GMT

For the first time, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has joined with a university to enable trainee teachers to deliver a programme on the facts of tax to local school children.


Tobacco and alcohol seized in north Wales

Press Releases   •   Oct 30, 2017 13:34 GMT

An operation to disrupt the sale and supply of illegal tobacco and alcohol across north Wales has uncovered more than 440,000 cigarettes, 169 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco and 2,700 litres of alcohol, all believed to be illicit.


Taking a tax avoidance Liberty

Press Releases   •   Oct 21, 2017 00:01 BST

HM Revenue and Customs has defeated a tax avoidance scheme used by the wealthy to reduce their tax bills, which the department expects to protect £325 million in unpaid tax.

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