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Growing interest in the Hövding in England

News   •   Sep 30, 2014 08:07 BST

The Hövding airbag for cyclists has received a great deal of attention in England and sales of the innovation from Sweden are increasing in the UK market. The properties of the Hövding were demonstrated at the London Cycling Show on 12 September with the aid of a stuntman and a staged bicycle accident.

"I see a rapidly growing demand for the Hövding airbag for cyclists in the UK market. Compared to traditional helmets it provides excellent shock absorption and protects more of the head, which is of great interest to cyclists in the United Kingdom", says Fredrik Carling, the Hövding CEO.
Hövding continues to increase sales of its cycle helmet in various countries around the world.
A highly successful sales test carried out in England during the summer confirmed that there is a great deal of interest in cycling and that safety is important to many people. Leading stores such as Cloud9Cycles, Tokyo Bikes, Look Mum No Hands and Kennedy City Bikes have already had  success with sales of the innovation from Sweden.

The Hövding will be featured at a series of exciting cycle fairs and events in England in the future. It was featured in the London Cycling Show on 12 September where a lifelike accident was staged with a stuntman wearing a Hövding.
"We are now preparing for a progressively wider launch in the UK and we are working closely withCyclingSafetyRevolution, who share our vision and are working to ensure that the Hövding sets a new standard in terms of cycling safety for everyone", says Fredrik Carling.