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​Hövding unveils new extra-visible and snug covers

Press Release   •   Sep 28, 2017 09:24 BST

Hövding's cover Antwerp with a water-proof material, which shows a rainbow pattern when reflecting beams of light.

As the autumn/winter darkness approaches, it is more important than ever to be visible in traffic. Hövding, the company behind the renowned airbag for cyclists, has therefore taken its reflector accessories to the next level for its new autumn collection of covers – complete with a newly developed material with rainbow-coloured reflective qualities.

Using Hövding airbags for head protection is gradually becoming the norm. There are over 60,000 Hövding helmets on the roads now, and with more than 1,100 reported accidents, Hövding helmets have saved lives.

“Those who use Hövding do it primarily because they are safety conscious, but many wearers also wish to express a personal style. We have listened to the requests from our customers, and developed a cover which features warming and reflective qualities”, comments Fredrik Carling, CEO of Hövding.

This year’s cover collection is the fifth since the inception of Hövding. Featuring a variety of patterns and colours, urban cyclists can give their Hövding helmet an individual expression while also protecting the airbag and housing its various functions.

As has been the case with previous collections, exciting cities have inspired the design and labelling of the new covers. This year’s cities are Barcelona and Antwerp. The cover of the latter model is made of a brand-new material unique to Hövding, a so-called Multi Colour Reflector. This is a water-proof material, which shows a rainbow pattern when reflecting beams of light. Other covers in the collection feature a novel design appreciated by cyclists in the cold, the so-called Outlast-fleece, which keeps cyclists toasty around the neck in the chilly winter months.

Hövding is a discreet collar which the cyclists wear around their neck. The collar contains a folded airbag which becomes visible only when involved in an accident. The airbag is shaped like a hood which envelopes and protects the head of the cyclist. The release mechanism is controlled by sensors registering the cyclist’s atypical movement during an accident.

The new covers will be available in retail outlets from 1 October.