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Swedish company Hövding awarded by the Epilepsy Foundation

Press Release   •   Jul 11, 2013 14:28 BST

Swedish company Hövding awarded by the Epilepsy Foundation

Hövding is pleased to announce that the Epilepsy Foundation has awarded the Epilepsy Innovation Seal of Excellence to Hövding ( for the anticipated development
of an Airbag Protection Helmet for People With Epilepsy. The SEAL comes with a $25,000 prize.

Hövding-Airbag for Cyclists is a unique bicycle helmet; it complies with European safety requirements. Hövding is a collar, worn around the neck, which contains a folded airbag. The airbag, when inflated, is shaped like a hood; it surrounds and protects the bicyclist's head. The trigger mechanism is activated by sensors that detect the abnormal movements of a bicyclist in an accident.
The collar is covered by a removable shell that can be changed by the user to a variety of styles.

The Company is now repeatedly approached by people with epilepsy who wish to use the helmet for head protection. The current Product is designed and tested only for bicycling, and it's for single use only. Developing a reusable helmet is a substantial challenge, as is the adaptation of the device for
persons with epilepsy. A successful version could greatly decrease the severity of head injury that plague people living with certain types of seizure disorders. An early estimation is that $4M is needed to adapt the technology to the needs of people living with epilepsy.

Hövding- Airbag for Cyclists is available to buy in the Company web shop,, and in selected stores in Northern Europe.

For more information and high-resolution images of Hövding, please visit:

For further information contact Hövding, Tel. +46 (0)40-236868, E-mail.

For more information about the Epilepsy Innovation Seal of Excellence, see