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The airbag for cyclists has been developed into Hövding 2.0

Press Release   •   Mar 12, 2015 12:27 GMT

The innovation from Sweden has astonished the world, with its amazing test results and the extraordinarily high level of protection it provides. More and more people are realising the advantages of the airbag for cyclists.

Hövding turned the concept of the cycle helmet on its head when it was launched in Sweden three years ago.The company is a commercial product development company and its core vision is to ‘save lives’. Hövding is now working actively to export the Swedish tradition of safety products. The new Hövding 2.0 was launched in February. This is a development of the first generation and the result of many committed Hövding users’ feedback and the company’s own experience.

”Many thousands of people throughout Europe use their Hövding every day, and the response from cyclists has been fantastic. The thank you letters from Hövding users who have been protected in accidents are really inspiring and give us an additional impetus to continue our work and move into new markets. Sales in Europe in 2014 exceeded all expectations. With the new Hövding 2.0, we believe that even more people will realise the advantages of protecting themselves with Hövding,” says Hövding CEO Fredrik Carling.

The development of the 2.0 took two years and the new version has the same high safety performance in a lighter, more comfortable helmet with a number of new design details. Hövding has now also been adapted for additional types of bike, as requested by many people. The new Hövding 2.0 can also be used by people who have mini bicycles or one of the popular folding bikes.

“It is fantastic that we, a small, young innovation company, have been able to develop Hövding and are able to present the developed model. When we were in Japan a week or so ago, we were given a fantastic reception by both media and retailers. It will be exciting to see how we develop in the future,” says Fredrik Carling.

Hövding’s airbag helmet for cyclists is already on 15 markets in Europe and is currently being launched in Japan. It is being sold in nearly 400 shops in total and online.

New Hövding 2.0Hövding 2.0 is comfortable and is adapted to more types of bike, such as mini bicycles and folding bikes. In terms of comfort, for example, the sizes of the 2.0 have been adjusted and are now slightly bigger than before. Using the feedback collected from our customers over a period of several years, Hövding has been able to identify improvements in terms of comfort. The 2.0 also has a shock absorption capacity that is three times better than that of traditional cycle helmets. Here are some of the new features of the developed model:

  • The zip has been lengthened at the lower edge, which makes it easier to close it when you put the product on.
  • The mechanics and electronics have been optimised, resulting in a lower total weight. Hövding 2.0 weighs 100 g less than Hövding 1.0.
  • You can see the battery level by pressing the rear of the on/off button without first needing to switch the product on.
  • The USB port has been moved from the front to the back and is concealed under the shell, eliminating the risk of chafing.
  • A tape on the inside of the product allows you to hang up your Hövding when it is not being used.

For further information, please contact Hövding CEO Fredrik Carling on +46 40236868