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"Facebook is the Time Sucker" are you losing time?

Press Release   •   Jan 01, 2018 11:20 GMT


Tech Off! is a simple fast guide to Technology Consciousness and getting your Time back.

Technology is, and always has been, sold as a time saving tool, but that isn't the case for most people who use it subconsciously without thinking, that's why Steve Jobs banned his kids from 24 hour access and why recently former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya, said he feels tremendous guilt on how social media could rip society apart. The book 'TECH Off' can help you get your time back.

So, if Technology using suck’s our time, what is Technology Consciousness? Author, Tim Moorey, explains.

“Tech Off is a toolbox to allow individuals that find they’re using tech either all the time, or a lot of the time, to allow the awareness, discovery and action to help get more time back in their day, to do what they want to do, and need to do. Besides just Tech.

The book explores amongst other things:

  • The social impact of tech using.
  • What happens when tech gets out of hand.
  • The alternatives, and the
  • Mistakes, Myths, and Misunderstandings
  • Written in an easy to digest and understandable dialogue as an interview.

    “What’s The Number 1 Misunderstanding of Technology Consciousness?”

    I guess the number one misunderstanding is that there is no problem with using tech continuously as part of your day job. There is no problem with being connected all the time, surfing Facebook for example or spending time on random Google searches, there’s no problem with that at all.

    And that is how we are led to feel at this moment because tech is irresistible, it is a commodity. What could possibly be wrong with just holding a nice piece of jet black, state of the art, polished glass that can connect you to anywhere in the world exactly? …

    …The marketing is immense, and therefore why would it be a problem? It’s only a few years ago, we’re talking probably 10, 20 years, smoking was not a problem. It was perfectly okay, to stand in a train carriage for example and smoke.

    Technology is like smoking used to be, and there is very limited scientific research and evidence currently that has caught up with the proliferation of tech to look at that evidences the change in human behaviours, whether they be positive or negative.

    So we could be the generation that says, “Ah, it’s not a problem. We’ll just carry on using it.” We could be the generation that says, “Fine. They’ll probably come up with a pill or some kind of counselling to get me off this, or eventually they’ll invent something better and they’ll just be able to put it straight into my brain and I won’t need to hold it.” It’s not a suggestion. Or we could be the generation that helps our future generations, the ones that are growing up.

    I saw the other day when I was picking my son up from school, a number of children were coming out and as they came out after their exciting fun day at school learning, they just wanted to see their mom or their dad. And what did they see? They saw their mom or dad staring at a piece of glass. And I’m not talking about a Coke bottle or something, I’m talking about the phone or tablet.

    That initial parental eye contact, they didn’t get. They didn’t get that, “Oh, how was your day?” It was like, “Oh, you’re here? Right,” and off we go.

    And that I think is the biggest motivation to get some technology consciousness.”

    In the forward of the book by Dr Dean Anthony Gratton - Technology Futurist & Columnist, sums it up by saying.

    “Tim Moorey shows us how to find and maintain the right tech/life balance through a series of simple, yet highly effective, ‘Tech Off’ techniques. From social media addiction, to the blurred lines between home life and career, this is a must-read for anyone who is caught up in the technology treadmill and can’t find the off button!”

    If you’re a technology user, and who isn't, then you need to take technology breaks, in this remarkably accessible book by technology consciousness expert, Tim Moorey, reveals how you can get your time back.

    • Be in control
    • Improve your attention
    • Experience more choices

    About Tim Moorey

    Author Tim Moorey

    Tim Moorey is an expert in technology consciousness, whose accomplishments include an HNC in Technology Engineering, and being Microsoft certified, as well as being an experienced and certified Information System Security professional.

    Outside of technology he is, an NLP Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Practitioner and a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

    Tim started his career in Electronic Engineering designing and using tech and has since spent over 20 years in IT support, management and training, and he’s currently a leader in cyber security management.

    A member of the institute of Information Security Professionals, he’s also a chartered member of the British Computer Society, a member of NLP trainers and practitioners and member of ISC2. I have no idea what that is, but it sounds secret.

    Tim’s run laughter yoga workshops for South West employers, has facilitated mindfulness workshops for corporate employees, and is the published author of the Illustrated Happiness Guide.

    Other than work Tim is a devoted husband and family man with two sons, four dogs and a rabbit. He used to ride a motorbike, he videos himself breaking drones, and he’s published meditation scripts on

    He was once rescued from a terrorist held ship in the Solent. That’s the bit of water between Southampton and the Isle of Wight, and that story is an interesting one.

    If you need, insight and encouragement from someone who’s been there and done that with getting your time back, then technology consciousness expert, Tim Moorey, is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about taking technology breaks.

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