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UK health coach gets Schools “Juiced”

Press Release   •   Feb 07, 2012 10:02 GMT

Best-selling author and health coach Jason Vale is helping pupils discover the health and well-being benefits of freshly extracted juices as he takes his ‘Juice Revolution 4 Schools’ programme round the country.

On a mission to radicalise the way that young people think about their own health and what they put in their bodies, ‘Juice Master’ Jason Vale and his team, are inviting schools to bring his lively, entertaining and fun-filled ‘Juicing’ roadshow into hundreds of schools across the UK.  The aim of the programme is to motivate pupils into re-thinking their relationship with fruits and vegetables, being shown that if they can’t eat them, they can find a tasty way to drink them.  

The programme’s arrival comes as research show that young people are still choosing to eat shockingly high amounts of fast-food, sugary drinks and snacks and foods lacking in vital nutrients. Jason commented, “I was the in the same situation as most of the teenagers out there today. I was unhealthy, I ate loads of junk food and I didn’t think that what I ate made that much of a difference to my health”.  

After radically changing every aspect of his own health 15 years ago and also reading a book on juicing by an American doctor, Jason made it his mission to share all that he learned with the rest of the world.  He added “It’s never been a more important time to get good nutrition into schools. Jamie Oliver made a fairly good start but I want to take it to the next level.”

The ‘juicing for schools’ programme is based around an interactive day where pupils learn about how raw, plant-based foods, can taste great, especially when turned into juices and smoothies that feed every cell in the body. They will understand which fruits boost brain power, and which vegetables are perfect for increasing energy.  They also get to sample juices and during a fun ‘Ready Steady Juice’ competition, teams of students will be put against each other to create the perfect juice.

The programme was launched in January and Kathryn Naunton, Healthy Schools Coordinator from Clevedon School added, “This is a real opportunity for students to be part of something very special. It is rare we get something so exciting and engaging come into our school, and the pupils certainly loved the day.”  

Assistant Headteacher, Jim Smith, from Clevedon School had Jason talk at his schools during the launch of the programme. He added, “as a school we think its really important the students get a broad understanding and education about how to look after themselves. We recognise that students at present, are trying to spend their money on chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks, and although we’ve done some work in schools with students, we recognise the need for getting someone outside in to inspire us, as we work towards not only a healthy school but a healthy town.”


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