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"The last supper". A spiritual painting depicting sharing, self giving, remembrance, betrayal, hope, life and death Mas.s style

Blog post   •   Oct 11, 2012 17:11 BST

I believe that in contemporary life this famous scene is still valid. People are being sold out. By governments, the financial system, marketing companies. Wisdom, care and hope are being sacrificed for the sake of progress and management through rigid science and regulations. Elementary we need to give ourselves to each other. We need to care, to engage with one another. Not just to eat but to share. 

He says "I love science and regulation but not if it infringes on the more essential needs of every human being, wisdom, love, care and hope. " I think that Michelangelo depicted this scene in a way that can never be surpassed in beauty and talent. I believe also that the message can be translated to today's need and evaluation of where we stand. Michelangelo was a genius, he painted this scene also to let us know a deeper meaning to everyday life. A life of self giving, of not being deterred by betrayal, of ultimate justice and new life if we are willing to drink that bitter cup. A better life that almost everybody is longing for. 

Mas.s composed the scene in his own unique way, he goes on "I tried to bring into focus the essentials in this scene, elements rather then Michelangelo's mind boggling beauty using colours and contrasting shapes instead."

He explains "The 12  (Judas was already "gone" before they started). Jesus wanting to share with his disciples, giving an example. At the door the palm, reminding us of the temporal glory he received, on entering Jerusalem on the back of a donkey a week earlier (in contemporary life we can experience the same, one day there is glory, the other day people have forgotten you or are even persecuting).  Sold out by one of his own (dont we all know similar experiences). Evil looking on and making sure that he has the last say or push. In the background the lonely sight of the Garden of Olives and completely at the back Mount Golgotha, a sign of death but also hope. I painted it in a colourful way because it is a story of hope, life, of justice in the end. In contemporary life we are in need of examples, of new Icons, we are, in some shape or form,  in search of it all the time, ending up possibly very lonely with the icons and examples we have freely chosen.  I think that Jesus had the X factor. Litteraly."

He keeps painiting his favourite topics in the beauty of nature, social issues and Inspirational figures.

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