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"The Wait". An impressionist painting mirroring the most important moment in everybody's life. Birth.

Blog post   •   Nov 22, 2012 11:33 GMT

Mas.s has depicted this moment in his unique style, focussing on essentials in a colourful and impressionist way. He says "Becoming a father 24 years ago and a grandfather 3 months ago has changed me and my life. The very moment of birth is the most special moment in a woman's life. She will never forget. A man often forgets once he is caught up in the world (of testosterone and materialism.) This painting is a reminder. 

He has painted the scene of childbirth on the backdrop of space. Drawing the attention of the viewer to the centre of the work and pointing to the importance of the scene, using his usual figures to express himself.

The woman is turned inwardly trying to cope with the immense pain. The head of the baby just comming out. A little controversial but in his view essential to express the moment in its entirety. The man is enlightened by the sight and is fully alive realising that in all his strength and capabilities he has no influence on this very special  occasion. The world seems upside down and time is of no relevance. The man experiences this occasion in his way and the woman in her special way. Quite different from each other. At the centre is the baby, a new person shared by both, meeting in the middle of both worlds. Relatives and friends are eagerly waiting outside.

He says "Becoming a grandparent not that long ago made me realise how special birth is and how  it is to become a parent. How impressive, mysterious and mind boggling the occasion of childbirth really is. I wanted to paint this scene in remembrance. I am so glad that I have portrayed this.

Mas.s is painting important issues in life in a new and colourful way, trying intrigue the viewer.

More work can be viewed on

He will be exhibiting at the London biennale at the Old Town Hall on the Kings Road in Chelsea from the 23rd to the 26th of January.  More info on

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