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It's a beautiful day on the beach. Shark!? What!! A new painting by Mas.s mirroring our deepest joys and fears.

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2013 20:47 BST

Mas.s has orchestrated this summer composition. Using his techniques,styles and unique figures relaying his feel of organised chaos and casual precision. He says "I was really able to bring my humour in the figures and scene, it makes me smile and giggle when I look at this painting".           It's absurdly beautiful and touchingly absurd,showing the versatility of this original Dutch painter.

On show at Gagliardi gallery in Chelsea.

Mas.S is my artist name.  I have  found the creativity to express myself through the following paintings. I have painted the beauty of this world and  some elementary topics in society at large in a new, fresh and colourful way. I hope you like it. Love, Mas.s

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