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"Life is beautiful. Always". A Virtual Reality exploration at the Sheffield Institute of Arts.

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2018 16:47 BST

Enter into a virtual world. See life through the lens of another. Allow yourself to get lost in art and experience.

This August, the Mess Companion Issue has teamed up with Sheffield Hallam University to invite you to experience the life of artist Marcel Schreur. As you choose your path through a virtual world of towering sculptures and relived memories, you will see life through the eyes of another.

An acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist, Marcel has joined with Sheffield Hallam University Artists Daniel Bacchus and Dominic Green to create a virtual experience which cannot be described with words alone. A survivor of severe illnesses, Marcel lives with the lasting physical and mental effects of thirty years of oral cancer and seven years of vascular dementia. This carefully curated experience will allow you to both view aspects of your own mental process through a lens of difference and disability, and contribute to research around the possible effects of VR and multi sensory experience.

‘This project has become a way to interact with sufferers and non sufferers of dementia, cancer and various physical and mental health issues, to communicate without words — to compare and contrast the ways of knowing, of interpreting memory, and about how memory contributes to life.’ Danny Bacchus, Sheffield Hallam University

Tue 14 August 2018

16:00 – 19:20 BST

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Sheffield Institute of Arts

Fitzalan Square


S1 2AY

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My name is Marcel Schreur. My artist name is Mas.s. I have found the creativity to express myself in painting, sculpture, documentary and filming. Intrigued by contemporary society, the beauty of nature and the human race is. I love life. Life is beautiful. Always. I bleed my life on to canvas. Vibrant, colourful, positive, dynamic, freedom of movement are hallmarks of my work

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