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"Life is beautiful". Schreur to show the work at the London Biennale in the Chelsea Old Town Hall

Press Release   •   Jan 11, 2015 10:00 GMT

Next week, from the 20th to the 25th of January, Marcel Schreur, the original Dutch artist is displaying his large, colourful and expressive impromptu painting to the wider public for the first time. The venue is the Old Town Hall on the Kings Road in Chelsea, London. He says "I have found that creating art is the discipline of free movement and inner trust." Life is Beautiful. Indeed.

Within a short time span he has touched upon conceptual art, realism, landscape and portraits, all with his very unique and original touch. A self taught artist, he found himself to be free from any inhibitions in expression, not being categorised. I had to overcome self doubt, low self worth and explicitly trust myself in the creative process. I have found that by just keeping going, whatever the circumstance and set backs, you ultimately see what was inside. It comes out, always. That experience gives me an inexplicable feeling of freedom. 

"Life is beautiful" is a wonderful example of this, as Marcel puts it, "Freedom of Movement" expression. Having prepared the canvas in a special way he starts to apply immense amounts of oil paint to the canvas and as he goes along he is starting to see things in what he is doing. Some times it stays abstract but, as he is applying more colour, very often, faces, animals, birds, fishes, flowers, structures transpire. Marcel says "What seems to be a chaos becomes organised. What's random suddenly makes sense. Sometimes. Maybe." He goes on  "It's a little bit like in this life. We just have to walk and see. To know that it is ok just to be, found that very liberating."

London Biennale 2015. 140 artists from 40 countries. 

Multi cultural expressions from every continent.

Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road. 

20 -25th of January

Entrance free 

More information:

My name is Marcel Schreur. My artist name is Mas.s. I have found the creativity to express myself in painting,meriting and filming. Intrigued by contemporary society, the beauty of nature and the human race is. I love life. Life is beautiful. Always. I bleed my life on to canvas. Vibrant, colourful, positive, dynamic, freedom of movement are hallmarks of my work

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