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Marriage. An expressionist painting defining the very heart of marriage.

Press Release   •   Jun 03, 2013 14:08 BST

Marriage, a hot topic in today's society. There is a lot of discussion and action about the institution of marriage. Society wanting to regulate a term by law. He says "It can not be done. The very core of marriage is, above all, a mysterious bond between a man and a woman. Society has attacked and kidnapped this truth for many reasons." He wanted to express marriage in the simplest way possible.

He says, "I have been deeply moved and touched by this amazing institution, observed it, thought about it,  I was tested on it also and have come to the following conclusion; "Marriage is not about the mind, it is about the heart. It is about love, self giving, self sacrificing love. This in itself is victimising. Man can think about it, even intensely, but only the heart can fathom this, in time. Love is a gift, marriage is a gift. A man's heart is different from a woman's heart. A mans love is different from a woman's love. They are deeply mysterious, sacred really. In a marriage these two opposite realities are bonding in time. They overflow in each other. Complementing and deepening each others understanding of marriage and love. I am awestruck if I start thinking about a man and woman, being complete strangers to each other, going away from their blood, from their families. Deciding that they would like to become one is a huge decision and commitment. Sex is only an aspect of this mystery, albeit an important one. In this day and age we are confronted, overwhelmed by the chemical, hormonal, sexual and romantic perception of love and marriage. It is often self centered. In the long term it does not work. It can give you a temporal kick and a rush, but by being ruled by this toxic and deeply addictive approach and perception the can is only kicked down the road. It's a lie. Love is life, life is a gift, love is a gift. Life is self sacrificial, love is sacrificial. Life is beautiful. Life is mysterious and not yolo, not a kick and a rush.  It's sacred, it's to be discovered over the long run, in all its frailty. It's opposition and its constant exterioir strain is mostly found in this wrong perception of life and love and its catastrophic consequences. Still, this perception is embedded, very real for many and therefor masses of people are highly vulnerable. This is both tragic and very complicated. I personally have tried and have been tried in may aspects of marriage and love. It ain't easy, but I just can not deny the fundamental truth about marriage.

Mas.s is exhibiting this painting and 30 other works in his, one day, solo exhibition in Kingston upon Thames. Sunday the 16th of June 9am to 9pm. Adress: Portsmouth Road, kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2NA

More info:

Mas.S is my artist name.  I have  found the creativity to express myself through the following paintings. I have painted the beauty of this world and  some elementary topics in society at large in a new, fresh and colourful way. I hope you like it. Love, Mas.s

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