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Nowhere to hide!? A new painting by Mas.s depicting the true nakedness of human life.

Press release   •   Aug 10, 2013 12:26 BST

"Nowhere to hide!?" Mas.s prepared this painting for his up and coming participation in the Chianciano art exhibition in Italy. A powerful cubist painting portraying the nakedness of human life. He says "With the baggage I have been given I can only come to one conclusion in Life: At the end of the day. All things are vainglory. We come with nothing. We leave with nothing. True Love is all that matters." He continues "We are trying to build all kinds of securities around us. They all stack up. All interconnected. Attachments. Deceiving you in thinking that there is some value in them. Either through personal circumstances, realising the frailty of life, reminders of the finiteness, material dissaster and insecurities etc. we have to realise that we are in our own, lonely and naked. Those moments are a  little bit like the presence of traffic lights in our daily lives. Sometimes  stop, watch, think and listen. Sometimes it says green, sometimes it's amber sometimes it is red." 

"The only thing that is left and binds us with ourself and our neighbour is Love. The measurement of all.  Its necessity specially visible and intensely perceivable at the beginning and at the end of life. When you're most vulnerable. Nowhere to run?! Only true Love. The sooner you realise this and act upon it the better,  don't be deceived, don't waste any time, that's my view."

Depicting this very powerfully in this cubist painting. Using contrasting colours and  simplicity in portraying the panicky realisation of nakedness and loneliness.

This original Dutch painter will be participating in the Chianciano biennale from the 7th to the 14th of September.

The catalogue for this curated museum exhibition

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Mas.S is my artist name.  I have  found the creativity to express myself through the following paintings. I have painted the beauty of this world and  some elementary topics in society at large in a new, fresh and colourful way. I hope you like it. Love, Mas.s

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