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Smarter Driving: It All Adds Up

Blog post   •   Jun 05, 2013 12:10 BST

A few months ago we enrolled our team on the Energy Saving Trust’s Smarter Driving training – a one-off course that encourages efficient driving through the analysis of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Eight team members took part in the workshop, which was held in Marshall Leasing’s home town of Huntington. After displaying their sensible driving skills on a test circuit, our team were given guidance on how they could be even smarter on the roads. Then they had the chance to get back out on the test circuit and put into practice what they had just learnt.

The final results were pleasing from both an environmental and financial point of view. Here are some of the predicted outcomes if our team continue its smarter driving over the course of a year…

  • Combined team savings: 5,347kg of C02 emissions and £2,968 on fuel
  • Smallest individual CO2 emissions reduction: 218.2kg
  • Smallest individual fuel saving: £118.82
  • Biggest individual CO2 emissions reduction: 1132.9kg
  • Biggest individual fuel saving: £629.08

The benefits of the course from a business perspective are clear. Through smarter driving, employees can become greener, better drivers – and save money at the same time. Based on the above, a business with a fleet of 50 vehicles could be reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 56,645kg and saving up to £31,454 on fuel over a year just by implementing smarter driving.

At Marshall Leasing, we’re proud to be promoting this useful course and are pleased with the results. If you want to get involved, sign up to the Energy Saving Trust training here.

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