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Taking a Company Car Across Europe? – Steer Clear of Driving on the Wrong Side of the Law

Blog post   •   Jun 27, 2013 10:54 BST

With summer just around the corner, conditions are ideal for a trip across the channel. However, those planning to drive a company car abroad should beware: there are a multitude of laws, which are regularly evolving.

France offered us a good example of this earlier in the year after indefinitely deferring the €11 fine for anyone not travelling with a breathalyser. The penalty might be postponed, but it’s important to note that it is still compulsory to carry a breathalyser that’s both in-date and shows the French certification mark ‘NF’.

As well as now banning all devices that can detect speed cameras (sat-nav users take note), the French government plans to install an estimated 400 new speed cameras across the country. It might seem obvious, but differing speed limits are one of the most common factors to catch drivers out while abroad.

Did you know that under Swiss law speeding tickets are subsidised? The amount of a fine is not only determined by the recorded speed of the vehicle but also by the wealth of the driver (Watch out Lewis Hamilton!).

Remember that failing to plan accordingly when driving abroad can not only result in hefty fines, but drivers can also risk forfeiting their license, so it’s best to keep up-to-date on the rules and regulations of the roads. The AA website offers a useful resource to help you avoid any unnecessary charges and penalties. 

Think you know your driving laws? Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz below…


1. What is the maximum speed limit on motorways in France? 

2. What 3 pieces of compulsory equipment must drivers carry in Greece? 

3. What colour must your warning triangle be in Denmark? 

4. What side of the road should cars drive on in Malta? 

5. What is the legal driving age in Spain? 

Answers: 1.80mph, 2.Fire extinguisher, First-aid kit, Warning triangle, 3.Red, 4.Left, 5.18

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