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Why Companies Are Outsourcing Everything To Do With Their Company Car Fleet

Blog post   •   Jan 14, 2016 08:11 GMT

On the surface taking ownership of everything we possibly can seems like a win-win situation. It gives us the freedom to do things in our own time and on our own terms, without the hassle of dealing with overseas call centres and stringent policies.

All is well—that is until you run out of time, something breaks down, or just simply can’t juggle any more balls.

There’s more factors that come into it, but there is a simple formula you can turn to when deciding whether take care of something yourself, or outsource it:

Ask yourself:

Do I have the skills? Yes/No

Do I have the time? Yes/No

Do I have the energy? Yes/No

If—and only if—you can answer all three with a big thumbs up then the job is for you. If not, it’s most likely something to be outsourced.

Outsourcing Stress and Peace of Mind

For many companies their staff transport falls into the category of being outsourcable.

As a result they’re choosing to lease their fleet of company vehicles and fully outsource the associated maintenance and management.

Business owners have several options to choosefrom—including Contract Hire, Contract Purchase, Daily Rental, and Fleet Management—all varying in level of responsibility and specific features; making it possible to lease just one or two vehicles for a short period of time, outsource the management of your own vehicles, or lease a full fleet and have everything taken care of externally.

Let’s pin down some more benefits that outsourcing everything to do with your company car fleet can offer you as a business owner.

Save More of The Good Stuff

There are three resources every business owner wishes they could have more of: Time, money, and energy.

From the moment you hand over the cheque and sign off the purchase of a new vehicle, it’s already starting to loose value. It’s an old business method to only purchase items that appreciate in value, not depreciate, but for some reason company vehicles seem to bypass the rule.

Outsourcing your fleet and paying fixed monthly costs avoids the big initial investment and frees up capital to spend elsewhere. Add in getting rid of the associated day-to-day admin tasks, you can be sure to have that little more precious time, money, and energy.

Never Have a Car Off The Road

When you have appointments, schedules, and deadlines to meet and adhere to, ensuring your staff can get where they need to should be a number one priority.

But running a business leaves little time of day to take a breath never mind take a vehicle to the garage and recalculate budgets.

Leasing your fleet can mean you never have to worry about breakdowns or crunching numbers. Maintenance and replacement vehicles can be fully taken care of and documented in a single monthly invoice, meaning you can get back to what’s most important.

If you would like to talk to us about Contract Hire, or find out about our other leasing options, leave us a comment, or contact us at, or 01480 414541.

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