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New website launched which gives women more power in the motoring world by enabling them to rate their local car services as to how women friendly they are.

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2013 10:37 GMT

MyCarGossip was created by Charlotte Leuw (23) who felt she was overcharged several times when getting her car repaired because she knew so little about her car. When she asked around, she found that many women, of all ages, feel the same way.  This motivated her to create an on-line community to give women a more powerful voice in the motoring world by providing information, interaction and a rating/reviewing system to help women become more knowledgeable when it comes to their cars.

This female focused motorist network provides women motorists with a way of discussing car related experiences, the good and the bad. The website encourages women drivers to rate and review their local car services. By reviewing and recommending car services it will help other women find good, loyal and trustworthy mechanics/car dealerships and driving instructors in their own local areas.

There is no website in the UK that provides such a comprehensive way for women to discuss their motoring experiences, to ask car related questions and become more knowledgeable about cars in a female friendly way. The site is completely women focussed, providing articles from websites that can offer useful motoring information to women and special offers. It also includes a blog which provides advice to women about cars and how to stay safe whilst driving.

MyCarGossip's motto is "knowledge is power," if we can encourage women all over the world to rate their local motoring services, hopefully in time, women everywhere will be able to sort out their car related problems by themselves with confidence.

“I am delighted by the positive response so far., I have even had driving schools in Australia asking to represent the website over there. I hope the site can make a difference to every female driver’s life” says Charlotte.

MyCarGossip enables you to rate your local garages, dealerships and driving schools. If you are looking for a female friendly garage or local driving instructor that you can trust, read other driver's reviews and find the best automotive services. By providing car service reviews yourself you can assist other motorists in having the best car services, car repairs and car buying/selling experiences.

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