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Oslo Architecture Triennale: Where do we belong?

Press Release   •   Sep 01, 2016 10:58 BST

Exhibition: “After Belonging. In Residence”
Place: National Museum – Architecture, Bankplassen 3, Oslo
Period: 8 September–27 November 2016

This year’s Oslo Architecture Triennale explores the ways we relate to places and communities. The 2016 triennale presents two main exhibitions: “In Residence” at the National Museum – Architecture, which runs in parallel with “On Residence” at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. The two exhibitions illustrate how our sense of identity and belonging is constantly changing.

Press meeting Thursday 8 September 12.00 am at DOGA, followed by press previews in the exhibitions at DOGA (13.00) and the National Museum – Architecture (14.20). Bus shuttle.


Where do we belong? How do we relate to the things we own, share and exchange? And how do we administrate what belongs to us? In a world increasingly characterised by mobility and impermanence, our sense of belonging is constantly changing. The exhibition “After Belonging. In Residence” addresses themes such as migration, new types of accommodation, technology that promotes new markets and sharing economies, and new ways of being local and alien.

The exhibition focuses on ten locations around the world, all of which illustrate how our sense of identity has changed. The selected locations are Copenhagen, Dubai, Gardermoen, Kirkenes, Lagos, New York, Prato, Risaralda, Stockholm and Torshov.

The exhibition presents ten commissioned reports and five intervention strategies. Collectively, these represent two distinct but related architectural approaches to the selected sites. The ten reports describe the various locations in a range of ways that provide richly nuanced perspectives. The five intervention strategies for the Nordic locations were selected by a jury following an international competition. Each strategy proposes tactical and long-term projects for its respective location, reflecting alternative ways of working with architecture. “In Residence” presents the various approaches and explores the possible ways architecture can address the new realities.


Event programme at the National Museum – Architecture, opening weekend 8-11 September 2016
Free admission to the exhibition and all events on the opening weekend.

Thursday 8 September
16.00–19.00: The exhibition is open. Speeches and party at DOGA from 7 p.m. 

Friday 9 September
18.30–20.00: Roundtable discussion with three reporter teams from the exhibition: James Bridle (Gardermoen, Oslo), Husos Architects (Risaralda, Colombia) and Matilde Cassani (Prato, Italia) 
19.30–21.00: Open terrace BAR and DJ at the National Museum – Architecture, followed by:
21.00–02.00: PARTY IN RESIDENCE. Party in the former premises of the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. Free admission. Bar and DJ. Venue: Gamle Museet (Dronningens gate 4, Oslo)

Saturday 10 September
14.00–16.00: Speed date. Meet the participants in the exhibition. Introduction by two of the teams who have been working on intervention strategies: Bollería Industrial (Oslo Airport Gardermoen) and Cher (Copenhagen)

Sunday 11 September
Guided tours with the curators
13.00: DOGA, part 1
14.30: The National Museum – Architecture, part 2


Contact information: Eva Amine Wold Engeset, press officer: 469 50 102,

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