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​Natural Products Scandinavia 2016: Exhibitor show highlights

Press Release   •   Oct 07, 2016 12:52 BST

New natural beauty, health & self-care, health food and drink & natural living products

Natural Products Scandinavia – the Nordic region’s only dedicated trade show for the natural health, nutrition, health food, beauty, skin care, and self-care markets – has released its exhibitor show highlights for 2016.

The award-winning event, which is co-located with Nordic Organic Food Fair, returns to Malmö, Sweden, on 16-17 November. Featuring over 375 exhibiting companies, thousands of local and international buyers, retailers, distributors and press representatives (4,500 are expected) will be among the first to see a wealth of new natural and organic product innovations from around the world.

Here are just some of the new natural, organic, free-from, and eco products being exhibited this year:

Natural beauty & skin care

Launching officially in February 2017, Pranarôm & HerbalGem (stand B43) is previewing its anti-cellulite gel Aromaslim. Made with rosemary ct. camphor, cedarwood, litsea, and juniper, it also includes a massage system (with three roller balls) designed to stimulate microcirculation and firm the skin, to reduce an orange peel effect (Belgium).

Esenka (stand B13) is launching HeritAge Night Anti-Aging Oleo-Serum exclusively at the show. It contains a unique H28 anti-aging complex, as a result of Esenka’s extensive research on centennial olive trees (France).

P and L Cosmetics AB (stand A13) is showcasing Inika Organic’s new rebrand. The award-winning products (with newly-designed packaging) include: baked mineral foundation, BB cream, lip-gloss, baked eyeshadows, and professional makeup brushes (Czech Republic).

BARR Sweden (stand D17) is showcasing its new Secret Forest face oil, which contains vitamins and anti-oxidants. Developed to give nourishment and balance skin, it is also used to prevent wrinkles and free radical assault and soothe inflammations (Sweden).

o.Moi (stand C20) is promoting its recently launched Plump It Up Face Cream (50ml). Packed with antioxidants, pomegranate and rice oils, it has a signature scent of neroli, geranium and lavender essential oils. Also showcasing: Q10+E Facial Oil (30ml) – enriched with plant oils (rice, avocado, primrose and pomegranate) it contains an antioxidant duo of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E to help ease discomfort of sensitive skin conditions, including sunburn and mild eczema (Denmark).

AVOS AB (stand A11)is showcasing its new aloe vera facial gel, body scrub, and face cream in the CurAloe range. Made in Curaçao (West Indies), the aloe vera products are produced at the centre of the plantation, so that the aloe can be processed to conserve all the natural bio-active components. AVOS also reinvests a part of its turnover in schools and nature projects (Sweden).

Hårkontroll Deep Intense Hydrating Maskby Baltex Natural AB (stand D35) is made with a combination of natural oils and nutrients, which offer an intensive boosting keratin treatment for the roots of the hair to avoid frizziness. Free from parabens and silicone (Sweden).

BuffBuffet Organic Technologies (stand A03) is showcasing Be in Blossom, Ocean Flower (a multi-complex serum), and Black Coral (men care products). These face care products are rich in active ingredients, based on extremely effective maritime technologies (Germany).

Karethic (stand C07, Organics Cluster Pavilion) is promoting L’Africaine Luxurious Oil, the first skin care product of the Karethic Spa range. The silky dry oil has a delicate scent, made with Argan, shea, baobab, and moringa, used to sublimate skin and revitalise hair (France).

Natural Senses (stand C13) is promoting its Sugar Scrub from Thailand. It is enriched with lemongrass essential oil to help firm skin, and prevent body odour and bacteria (Thailand).

BellaPierre Cosmetics (stand B09) Glowing Palette contains six illuminator options to suit a wide range of skin tones. Formulated with natural ingredients, these illuminators melt seamlessly into the skin and can be layered, whether the goal is a natural or dramatic look (UK).

Maison Laget (stand B04A, Organics Cluster Pavilion) is showcasing its new Baume Precieux Visage Bio balm. Formulated with 100% pure, organic and precious oils (borage, evening primrose and rose hip), it is enriched in organic shea butter, and provides intense hydration to dry skin (France).

You & Oil (stand B01) is promoting its face oil designed to soak in and hydrate the deeper skin layers, and improve elasticity. Aloe vera extract is used to preserve, moisturise and comfort the skin, while vitamin rich almond oil provides necessary nutrients (Sweden).

Apimab Laboratories Propolia’s (stand B18) hypoallergenic moisturising serum is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Its active ingredients include: propolis, strawberry, aloe, hyaluronic acid, honey, and pomegranate (France).

Sostar Innovative Skin Care (stand B05) has developed a range of skin care products (including Anti-Aging Face Cream) enriched with certified organic donkey milk in order to boost skin’s regeneration, natural elasticity and glow (Greece).

Biofood-Biolivs AB (stand F21) is showcasing Love System – a new flower essence skincare range from Bush Flower. Created by Australian naturopath Ian White, the range includes: purifiers, daily moisturisers and face and body treatments. Also showcasing: Jack n’ Jill's natural oral and dental care products for children, made from 100% medical grade silicone (free of BPA, PVC and phthalates); and Dr. Organic’s recently launched hemp oil skincare range (Sweden).

Great Lengths Scandinavia (stand C17) is promoting its Maple Wash – Hydrating Shampoo (made with maple extract, ginseng bio, lavender, and pumillio pine); and its Cashmere Cream – a body cream made with oils and butters. Also showcasing: Shave IT (pre-after shave), Olive Oil Salt Scrub, and Tommy Baby Shampoo (Sweden).

MountOlympe (stand B21) is showcasing its Olympus Mountain Tea Day Cream. It’s made with Sideritis Scardica extract, Hyaluronic acid and bio cultivated Greek olive oil extract, used for its antioxidant defence and anti-inflammatory purposes (Greece).

Akoma skincare’s (stand A19) Shea Million (face and body cream) is renowned for its richness and adherence to Fair Trade and organic principles. It can be used ‘raw’ as a topical ointment for burns, rashes, scars, wounds, eczema, and even dermatitis. Many swear by Shea Butter as the only product to fade stretch marks, and it is used in many creams and ointments for this purpose (Ghana).

Biodoctors Lab S.L (stand A50F)is promoting European cosmetics brand SVENTIA. Its Serum S2 is specifically formulated to restore balance, elasticity, nourishment and give a natural glow to the skin (Spain).

Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil by Jennifer Young & Beauty Despite Cancer (stand A02) is a body oil created to help alleviate itchy skin. Made with apricot kernel oil, sunflower oil, peach kernel oil, calendula oil, rosehip oil, and vitamin E (tocopherol), this specialist product was created with cancer patients in mind. It can also be used by clients experiencing itching, eczema, psoriasis, and for those with sensitive skin (UK).

Blessed Products of Asia Company (stand B17) is showcasing its newest product from ZNYA Organics – Neem Soap. Used to lower skin inflammation and infection, its secret recipe helps to soothe and moisturise skin (Thailand).

Health & self-care

Officially launching in April 2017, AromaStick AG (stand B28) is introducing its 100% natural botanical nasal inhalers. Research shows that scents, delivered directly into the nose in high concentrations, can instantly affect a persons’ physiological and psychological state. Small enough to put in a pocket, it’s aromatherapy on-the-go (Switzerland).

Ecosh Life OÜ (stand B26) has launched vitamin D3 – designed specifically for people living in Northern Europe where exposure to sunlight is limited. The raw materials used in production include hemp oil, which is rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and grown in pure Estonian nature (Estonia).

Nature Base AB (stand E49) is showcasing its 100% vegan b’nature C-Vitamin (30,000mg). Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels and of the immune system, and to protect cells from oxidative stress. Active ingredients: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), resveratrol, and pectin (RDA: 120%). Extra natural contents: blackcurrant extract and rose hip extract (Sweden).

BIOK laboratorija (stand B14) is exhibiting Ecodenta toothpaste with hyaluronic acid. Ecodenta is a range of oral hygiene products enriched with ecological or naturally-occurring substances, which make up to 98% of all ingredients. Its toothpaste with hyaluronic acid, is the first and only toothpaste in Lithuania and in the Baltics that is made with hyaluronic acid (Lithuania).

Luminus Mod d.o.o (stand B40) isshowcasing Hug Your Life’s Beta Glucan & C3 Complex. This premium kids liquid food supplement contains highly purified active component of Beta (1,3/1,6)-D-glukan and Curcumin C3 Complex. It is enriched with B-Complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc, and contributes to the normal function of the immune system (Croatia).

Diva International Inc (stand C22) is promoting The DivaCup (menstrual cup) with 12 hours of leak-free protection, comfort and convenience; and DivaWash, a gentle, plant-based cleanser that can be used for the face, body and The DivaCup (Canada).

LX500e is the most affordable desktop colour label and tag printer from Primera Technology Europe (stand D29). Perfect for small-businesses and start-ups, its high-yield, tri-colour ink cartridge keeps cost per label low. Fast print speeds and an optional built-in guillotine-style cutter allow users to quickly and easily print and cut their short-run labels (Germany).

Natiris SA (C54) is showcasing Cerebrum GOLD 50+, used for the maintenance of brain function and promoting antioxidant action. Also showcasing: Artronat Flex, Cerebrum Forte, and a range of herbal and nutritional products; including dietary supplements presented in capsules, tablets, powders, vials and tonics (Portugal).

Health Food & Drink

DS Concepts (stand A39) is previewing its Mediterranean wellness water, Mastiqua. For many centuries the people of the Mediterranean used to mix mastiha, the sap of the mastiha tree, with water to create a special drink for digestion, oral hygiene, teeth whitening and fitness. It’s free of fat, colour and calories (Cyprus).

Pavilion Healthcare (stand E65) is introducing its four new blends of Ayurvedic Teas at the show, including: Sleep well Tea – Chamomile and Passion Flower; Slimming Tea – Garcinia and Green Tea; Green Tea with ginger, mint, and lemongrass; and Ginger Pick Me up Tea - pure spice tea. Also showcasing: Vata Balance, Pitta Balance, and Kapha Balance teas, which come with an educational card about body types, Dosha and Yoga postures (UK).

Sao sa (stand A43)is launchingtheALOS range of naturally-marinated, and traditionally smoked seabass and seabream fish fillets, caught from the Mediterranean blue waters of Messolonghi Lagoon Area (Natura 2000) in the Ionian Sea (Greece).

KULAU GmbH (stand A22) is launching its new crunchy KULAU Snax range, made with organic seaweed chips. The chips are carefully dried, not fried, so they contain less fat and are loaded with nutrients (Germany).

Mamuko (stand A50D)isintroducing itsorganic porridge to the Nordic market. It’s the one porridge for babies, which is not thermo-processed, doesn’t melt in water and boiled. Preparation takes four to five minutes, and includes natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins (Lithuania).

La Naya chocolate (stand A50F) is launching its organic, handmade chocolate bars in Honey & Bread Crumbs, Pistachio & Cocoa Nibs, Orange & Juniper, Raspberries & Pineapple, and Strawberries, Cinnamon & Chili. Using cocoa beans, and chemical free tropical fruits, its ingredients are sourced from environmentally-friendly farms processed by innovative technologies (Lithuania).

Go4Raw (stand E81) bars andcrackers contain 100% raw ingredients made with superfoods. They are dried below 42 degrees Celsius, so that minerals and vitamins are retained. Vegan and gluten free, they are available in 24 pack boxes in Orange & Cocoa, Inca Berry, Chilli & Cocoa, and Hemp Protein & Chia (Bulgaria).

BioStyle (stand E16) is introducing its Goody Bites – a new generation of organic raw food bites with bio active ingredients. It contains essential fatty acids, as well as superfoods, and is raw, probiotic, and gluten free (Bulgaria).

OKF Corporation (stand D84) is introducing its Aloe Vera drink to the Nordic market. It’s made with fresh pulp and all ingredients, including mineral water, organic aloe vera powder, organic aloe vera gel, organic cane sugar, and natural grape flavour (Korea).

Primrose Kitchen (stand A26) is exhibiting its organic and paleo granolas – available in Orange & Cashew, and Goji, Black Pepper & Lemon. Both contain a wholesome combination of sunflower seeds, oranges, raisins, cashew nuts, coconut pieces, cinnamon, nutmeg and Himalayan salt (UK).

Primo Mendoza S.L (stand E63) is showcasing its ApiEnergy Orange Creamy Honey. Made with bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis, the ApiEnergy Honey contains 66 kcal (Spain).

The Free From People (stand A57) is promoting Buttercup Meadow's range of free-from mixes, which can be used to make burgers, sausages, meatballs, meatloaf, stuffing and more. All are free-from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, MSG and GM. Flavours include: Spicy Moroccan Mix, Sage & Onion Mix, Sausage Mix, Hot and Spicy Mix, Rosemary & Garlic Mix, and Lemon Parsley & Thyme Mix (UK).

Pulsin' (stand D12) is showcasing its Peanut Choc Chip Raw Choc Brownie. A double chocolate brownie packed full of raw cacao, dairy free chocolate chips and peanuts for a guilt-free treat. It is gluten and soya free, non GM and contains no refined sugars (UK).

Tropicsoul (stand D70) is showcasing its latest juice combinations, including pineapple & fresh mint; pineapple, soursop & banana; mango, pineapple, acerola & beetroot; mango, pineapple, passionfruit & ginger; and mango, passionfruit, pineapple & kale (Dominican Republic).

Alara Wholefood (standE55) is showcasing the Lucy Rocks organic vegan paleo granola range – a mix of buckwheat, nuts, seeds and superfoods. Grain-free and free from any refined-sugars, the unique blends of nutrient dense superfood powders and ingredients create four flavours: Blush Crunch, Glowing Granola, Golden Granolas, and Lush Crunch (UK).

Ramkalni Nordeco (stand C26)is exhibiting its candied fruit and berries mix in Doypack. Produced from berries, fruits and vegetables grown in Latvia, the range includes: candied cranberries, blackcurrants, pumpkins, quinces and rhubarb. Due to their unique processing technology, candied products preserve the natural force and biologically active substances (Latvia).

Sabadì - Raw-Organic-Natural (stand A28) is promoting its functional chocolate range, which develops the six main beneficial properties of cocoa beans (antioxidant, antidepressant, adaptogen, immune booster, sexual stimulant, and skin beauty). Also showcasing: Organic hot chocolate with spoons, an easy and fun way of making a dense Italian style hot chocolate (Italy).

Grybai LT (stand A50E) is showcasing its new whole organic champignons in brine. They are farm-grown, hand-picked, and then processed in their own factory. The light weight plastic pouch packaging is proven to have significantly less CO2 emissions during the product lifecycle compared to a glass jar of the same size (Lithuania).

Liquid Juice Company ApS (stand E18) is promoting its new yuzu lemonade, which is made from one of the world's most expensive and sought-after citrus fruits: The yuzu fruit. It's not made from concentrate and doesn't contain any E-numbers, and has a flavour of fresh lemon, tangerine and grapefruit (Denmark).

Pajumäe Talu OÜ (stand H30-C) is exhibiting its Prasad ghee, made of unsalted organic grass-fed butter by a small family farm in Estonia. Pajumäe farm has been voted the best organic producer in Estonia, as well as the best farm in Estonia (Estonia).

Hemp Juice Sales (stand A49) produces raw hemp juice. It contains the full spectrum of essential nutrients, plus the additional benefit of high quantities of a strong anti-oxidant, cannabidiol acid (CBDa), which is used to restore a healthy balance and generally improve well-being. The raw hemp juice powder is freeze-dried (Cyprus).

Planet Food Sp. Z o.o Sp.K (stand C23) is showcasing its Bioffel organic wafers, made exclusively from Bio derived ingredients from certified suppliers, located in the EU. They are manufactured from an original recipe, which makes them crispy and light, with the addition of milk thistle, extra virgin olive oil, wholegrain and spelt (Poland).

Creative Nature Superfoods (stand A27) is exhibiting its Organic Chia & Mulberry Superfood Muffin Mix. Free from all 14 major allergens, it has no refined sugars, and contains superfood ingredients. Also showcasing: Chia & Cacao Brownie mix (UK).

Agropro (stand D55) is showcasing its hemp seeds. The seeds are hulled at a low temperature, with a mechanical hulling method to help retain its nutritional properties (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, and vitamins). They are GMO free, gluten free, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan (Italy).

Linnamäe Butchery (stand D47) is showcasing its Wild Jerky Jerkies, produced from game meat. All game used are hunted from the wild, where the food is 100% natural with no artificial influences. The Wild Jerky product family includes wild boar, beef, elk and deer (Estonia).

The Geocook range by Geovita Group (stand C29) produces quick-cooking cereals and legumes. Available in barley, farro and bulgur recipes, Geovita ready-to-eat salads are made without any additives or preservatives, and have a 12-month shelf life (Italy).

Laboratoria Natury Sp. z o.o (stand E50) Chia energy drink is made with nutritional seeds, and flavoured with pomegranate and apple natural juices – used as a source of Omega3 and fiber (Poland).

Natural Living

Faith in Nature (stand C18) is re-launching its Homecare range with a vibrant new design. Products include laundry liquid, washing up liquid, dishwasher gel, multi-surface spray cleaner, and bathroom spray cleaner (UK).

Mulieres (stand A25)is showcasing its selection of natural detergents and multi-purpose cleaners. Packaging is made from processed cardboards that contain 70% less plastic. Naturally, the products are made of plant-derived ingredients based on olive oil, and scented with essential oils. Products are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives (Estonia).

BuyNature Distribution ApS (stand D13) is promoting Boody bamboo wear. Boody is made from organically grown bamboo, and is a clothing brand that supports the trend for all things green and ethical. The range of camisoles, t-shirts, tank tops, bras and briefs are used for working out, travel, leisure and everyday comfort (UK).

Onyx&Green (stand D51) is promoting its backpacks, small satchels and 15" laptop sleeves, all made from recycled newspaper. Onyx&Green’s range brings environmentally-friendly products into the homes, schools and offices, helping to increase student and parent awareness for protecting the environment. Also showcasing: plant based glues, and recycled newspaper coloured pencils (Estonia).

To view even more products that will be available at the show, please visit the new online Buyer’s Guide at

Free visitor registration

Natural Products Scandinavia will return to Malmö, Sweden, on 16-17 November (new mid-week dates). For more information and to register for a free trade ticket, please visit and quote priority code NPUK117 (direct link:


Media enquiries & press pass requests to:

Emma-Louise Jones, Head of PR
t: +44 (0)1273 645134

Sharna Waid, PR Executive
t: +44 (0)1273 645144

Exhibitor enquiries to:

Anne Seeberg, Event Director
t: +44 (0)1273 645124

Scandinavia office:

Lars Larsson, Nordic Manager
Nordenskiöldsgatan 13, S - 211 19 Malmö, Sweden
t: +46 702 661170


In 2014, Nordic Organic Food Fair was shortlisted for Best Tradeshow Exhibition (UK & International) under 2,000sq.m at the UK’s Association of Event Organisers’ annual Excellence Awards. It was also a finalist in the Best International Launch category at the UK’s Exhibition News Awards.

In 2013, Natural Products Scandinavia won Best International Launch at the UK’s Exhibition News Awards. It was also finalist in the Best Trade Launch Show category at the UK’s Association of Event Organisers’ annual Excellence Awards.

High resolution photographs are available upon request:

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