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What Makes a Luxury Office?

Blog post   •   Aug 28, 2017 11:13 BST

Large spaces and lighting is key for creating a luxury office atmosphere.

What Makes a Luxury Office?

Determining what makes something luxury is not always an easy task as the word means different things to different people, making it more subjective than definitive. Already you will have various images in your mind of what you picture luxury to be, whether that be a five star holiday to the Maldives or a mansion in the country. What we don't immediately consider is - what makes a luxury office? Unlike your holiday to the Maldives, there is no star rating system for luxury office space and it will differ depending on the industry you work in and the clients you serve. Here we will explore what to look for when finding your new luxury office space.

Alliance Business Centers have begun to delve into the world of luxury, covering an array of topics defining what makes a luxury office, from furniture and presentation to customer service. ABC also state that you need to balance and combine the listed elements in order to achieve the most effective luxury office appearance.

Business Insider has delved into the modern definition of luxury offices, seeking out ways businesses are pushing the boundaries of what is expected in the industry today. The article covers the development of a new £100 million luxury office development in London’s Soho. The luxury offices will boast an array of services such as “press for champagne” buttons to be sent up from the ground floor restaurants, whilst also incorporating bespoke designs into the development, really emphasising that high end luxury office feel.

Design Contract covers a piece of the interior design for creating a luxury office at home. As the saying goes “If you wouldn’t have it in your home, you shouldn’t have it in your office!” The article concurs to what the previous have already highlighted with regards to creating large, well lit spaces containing personalised decor. The visuals provided in this article really emphasise what a luxury office looks like, whilst also showing how luxury offices can differ in their style.

Here Casa Forma have provided a handy summary list of how to create a luxury office space, emphasising the main points surrounding location, space, light and organisation whilst also adding a few final points to consider such as amenities and meeting rooms to give your luxury office that extra hint of professionalism.

Whatever the expectation of what a luxury office is, Office Experts work to understand you and your clients in order to find you the perfect space for your business. Our experience also allows us to help you to transform spaces, making your vision a reality. 

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