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Separate backup fuse not required

Separate backup fuse not required

Documents   •   May 20, 2016 13:45 BST

End devices are protected from surge voltage damage by means of type 3 device protection, and to do this, the device protector has to be protected with a suitable overcurrent protection device. Because the new type 3 arresters from Phoenix Contact’s SEC product family already have this protection built in, there is no need for a separate backup fuse.

Building a customisable future

Building a customisable future

Documents   •   May 20, 2016 13:44 BST

Every machine is unique, yet there is one thing that most technical devices have in common: They cannot run without electrical power. The new power supplies from Phoenix Contact’s Quint Power range adjust to the given conditions and can be flexibly configured to ensure that every system and machine is reliably provided with power.

Managed Ethernet extender system for a broad range of applications

Phoenix Contact’s new Ethernet extender system allows managed and unmanaged extenders to be connected with, for example, a control centre over a distance of up to 20 kilometres. The devices cater to the needs of a great variety of industrial sectors and offer many advantages including ease of use as well as plug-and-play operation.

Radio-based monitoring of cooling water discharge from the Heyden power plant

For reasons of environmental protection, public authorities impose strict demands on how power plants may discharge cooling water into rivers and lakes. Power plant operators are required to seamlessly log all relevant parameters. This is why the Heyden power plant deploys Phoenix Contact’s Radioline wireless system to guarantee the reliable transfer of all relevant data.

Secure communication for Industrie 4.0 systems

Manufacturing companies are facing the challenge of optimally planning and implementing complex manufacturing processes. Production is to proceed without interruption or rejects. When combined with high flexibility, this ensures the competitiveness of the manufactured products. Intelligent and secure communications structures are necessary to meet these challenges .

Heavy-duty modular plug-in connectors

Heavy-duty modular plug-in connectors

Documents   •   May 20, 2016 13:30 BST

Dynamic and flexible production processes rely on local components – in other words, machines and plants need to be arranged and installed using functional assemblies. These assemblies are interconnected with reliable industrial plug-in connectors that need to be flexible enough to accommodate future modifications and expansions.

Reducing hazard potentials

Reducing hazard potentials

Documents   •   May 20, 2016 13:29 BST

Many production plants process flammable gases, fumes, dusts, or liquids – and this quite often has the side effect of generating explosive atmospheres. Electrical devices such as terminal blocks, which are often installed throughout the plant in the thousands, could potentially act as ignition sources.

RAMI 4.0 and IIRA reference architecture models

Comprehensive use of digitisation and the Internet as the communication system is producing changes to products and their infrastructure and operation that transcend the boundaries of domains. This is also opening up new opportunities in industrial applications and across the entire value stream within the product and production system lifecycle.

Connect decentralised peripheral devices flexibly

The intelligent production of tomorrow depends on easily scalable and adaptable automation components. Device connections must follow the trend towards decentralised intelligence and offer manufacturers and plant designers solutions for new assembly methods and areas of application. M8 and M12 circular plug-in connectors help make this possible by offering exceptional flexibility.

PCB plug-in connectors on a new scale

PCB plug-in connectors on a new scale

Documents   •   May 20, 2016 13:23 BST

Pressfitting, wave soldering, THR soldering, and SMD soldering are all well-established processes used in PCB mounting. The new SKEDD direct plug technology does not rely on any of these, which is a great step forward for PCB connection technology.

Innovative combination of automation and cloud technology

The IoT is for many companies a far-off vision that is both incomprehensive and impossible to implement at this time. While productivity is set to improve with the increasingly networked, Internet-capable smart devices and the data they provide, specific details on implementation as well as fully developed business models are generally unavailable or have not been fully fleshed out.

Retrofitting solution for capturing and evaluating lightning strikes

If damage to wind turbines caused by lightning remains undetected, this can have dire consequences – in particular for offshore wind farms. In order to prevent costly downtimes of existing systems, Phoenix Contact developed a retrofit solution for the continuous capture and evaluation of corresponding events.

More sensitive than conventional lights

More sensitive than conventional lights

Documents   •   Mar 08, 2016 11:39 GMT

LED technology has become prevalent in many areas due to its long service life and high energy efficiency. If you want to prevent damage in the event of an error and protect your investments in LED technology, a comprehensive power-surge protection strategy cannot be overlooked, even in street lighting.

Bogenhausen Hospital in Munich

Bogenhausen Hospital in Munich

Documents   •   Mar 08, 2016 11:38 GMT

Intact, smoothly functioning building control technology is an essential prerequisite for optimum procedures in a hospital. Selectively fusing the electronic technology and its 24 V DC consumers and transferring operating information to the control centre makes perfect sense. This is why multi-channel device circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact are employed at the Bogenhausen Hospital in Munich.

Quint Power: The power supply behind the Rhaetian Railway’s point heaters

In order to ensure safety and reliability on the Rhaetian Railway, every detail is optimised. That includes automating the point heaters, which use Quint Power power supplies from Phoenix Contact in their control cabinets.

Power plant identification system for RWE - Flexible, durable, and efficient labelling with KKS

Precise and permanent labelling of all equipment plays a crucial role in power plants, where mistakes could have unforeseeable consequences. The power station identification system ‘KKS’ defines the rules for labelling. For the actual labelling, RWE Power AG uses marking solutions based on UV-LED printers .

LED-based lights for switching cabinets- Optimum illumination reduces costs

It is frequently necessary to work on a control cabinet not only during start-up, but also during maintenance work, interference suppression, and modification. Optimum illumination is essential in order to perform these activities quickly and accurately.

Secure Protection from Attacks, Malicious Software, and Unauthorised Access

High system availability is very important in process engineering, because ongoing processes must not be interrupted. A fence is a first, easily identifiable safety measure for securing systems from unauthorised persons. In addition to such physical protections, IT security approaches are also becoming more and more important

Radio-based communication in a wastewater treatment plant

The Technische Betriebe Wilhelmshaven, the public utilities provider in charge of wastewater treatment for the municipality of Wilhelmshaven, continuously optimises its facilities. Therefore, when modernising the plant, all areas were equipped with a radio system from Phoenix Contact to allow for cost-efficient signal and data transfer to the control centre.

Deployment of safety relays in intelligent positioning solutions

Space requirements slashed by up to 70 percent The productivity of older packaging machines can be greatly increased through the use of an intelligent positioning solution from Lenord + Bauer. Because the compact controller cabinet should require very little space, the components built into it must also be small. This requirement is more than fulfilled by the new PSRmini safety rela