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An insider tip for creative bathroom design: the green oasis

News   •   Feb 28, 2019 17:21 GMT

Illustration: Björn Steinmetzler; Vereinigung Deutsche Sanitärwirtschaft (VDS)

Two developments are fostering the trend towards a bathroom dipped in green. Firstly, the longing for natural surroundings in which nature is perceptible as humankind’s primordial home.And secondly, green is a trending colour that creates a wonderful mood – especially when combined with plants.What’s more, a combination of different shades of green is relatively unproblematic.Solitaires like a freestanding bathtub can be used to make a statement,and the colour space can range from a mysterious dark green for an upmarket, comfortable bathroom all the way to a fresh May green – a great choice for young families. What’s more, green is an excellent basis for telling intriguing stories, for instance when combined with big patterns, floral wallpapers, photo wallpapers and a little jungle of plants that will add an exotic touch to any bathroom.

Whether it’s because the colour reminds us of nature, which we’ve learned to regard as an idyll, or because evolutionary biology has taught us to associate it with food and cover – for most people, green is both soothing and stimulating.A combination of different shades of green looks natural, and minor disharmonies aren’t really perceived as disruptive because they’re drowned out in the rustle of leaves, so to speak.Dark green, mint green and celadon green are particularly attractive options for a timeless bathroom design.

Sometimes almost transparent, sometimes opulent – green is a versatile option that looks just as good in the background as it does in the spotlight

When it’s combined with bold colours, green looks distinctly exotic.At the same time, there’s a tendency in interior design right now to use green as a trendy eye-catcher, but while it’s easy enough to find a green sofa for the living room, the standard range of green sanitaryware is nowhere near as luxuriant as the jungle some would like to conjure up in their bathroom.It’s easier to create the desired effect with a paint roller, tiles or textiles.

Those who opt for an upbeat look will find plenty of fresh green hues that look particularly young and family-friendly when combined with white and primary colours,whereas dark shades of green in combination with pink, cognac or ochre look more upmarket.Lavish use of on-trend mint – for instance on the walls – in combination with dark green furniture or tiles also looks smart and adds a fresh, modern touch to the bathroom.It looks great when paired with white or black ceramic, as well as with black, gold or brass metal finishes.

Celadon – a greyish green named after Chinese pottery with an olive green to bluish grey glaze – has become fashionable in the interiors sector in the last two years and is particularly suitable for the bathroom. It looks subtle and almost transparent, is evocative of glass and adds an ethereal touch.Wood keeps it down to earth, white makes it glow – an ideal combination, especially for small bathrooms. Celadon is too delicate for creating strong contrasts, but benefits from patterns and gleaming gold accents.

Vegetation for the bathroom

Plants are a great way to give green a boostand make the bathroom seem even cosier.There are plenty of suitable plants –those that thrive in warm, humid conditions will do particularly well in their new bathroom setting.Plants that absorb water via their leaves (e.g. tillandsias) are ideal for hanging baskets.Ferns also like subtropical conditions and are therefore suitable for use in the bathroom – hanging ferns can be used to create a kind of wall and be incorporated into the green colour concept as a design element.Bromeliads are great for adding a splash of colour,and nothing beats orchids when it comes to adding the final touch to the lifestyle bathroom.

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