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Google Must See Videos

Blog post   •   Dec 02, 2013 16:43 GMT

I came across these old videos from Google as part of our training for new employees and forgot how good they were. If you have not seen them they are a must watch. They put into perspective how the challenges faced in using many websites would be comical in the real world.

This one is about online checkout.

This one is a take on site search issues on a site

It's often a great idea to review your site with a fresh pair of eyes. When you have not looked at it for a while some obvious improvements may jump out at you.

With your contact & sign up forms do you really need all the fields?  The fewer the you have the higher the % of people will complete it. Obviously it is a fine balance to get enough information without putting people off. Is it clear what someone will get when filling out a form. If not they may not fill it out !

Time to start improving your conversion rates!

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