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RAC comments on impact of vehicle excise duty tax disc changes

News   •   Apr 15, 2015 16:26 BST

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “There continues to be confusion on the rules around vehicle tax, following the changes that came in last October. When cars are sold with in-date tax discs still on display in the windscreen, some motorists are mistakenly thinking this means the vehicle is still taxed. But the changes mean that vehicle tax can now no longer be transferred when a vehicle is sold; it is the duty of the new owner to ensure it is taxed from the day they purchase it.

“It does appear as if the end of the physical tax disc – which was always a useful visual cue to owners as to when they needed to renew their tax – is continuing to catch some motorists out.

"The message is clear: if you’re buying a car, disregard what might still be stuck to the windscreen, and ensure you pay the relevant tax online or over the phone immediately. The automated system the DVLA now uses can identify untaxed vehicles easily; if your car is untaxed you risk being fined, possibly in excess of £1,000, plus the cost of releasing it if clamped or impounded.”