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RAC issues advice to motorists as short 'Arctic blast' arrives

News   •   Feb 16, 2016 09:55 GMT

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Although the winter has so far been characterised by wet rather than particularly cold weather, much of the UK is experiencing a short, sharp icy blast. Many motorists will get caught out, so we are urging drivers to get prepared now.

“When the temperature gauge drops our patrols often end up dealing with up to 25% more breakdowns than on an average winter’s day, and if there’s snow involved it can be even higher than that. Problems often start at home – if a car is slow to start, it might be an indication it is time to get the battery starting and charging system checked. It’s also a good idea to check there is sufficient tread on all tyres, and that screenwash is topped up to the recommended level.

“Even a small amount of snow has the potential to cause real problems on the roads, so motorists are going to need to be on their guard. In snowy conditions, it’s always safest to accelerate and brake gently, shift up the highest gear possible, and leave a much larger gap between your car and the vehicle in front.”