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ACR Electronics Inc: Reminds Boat Owners to be Aware of New United States Coast Guard AIS Regulations

Press Release   •   Feb 25, 2016 09:36 GMT

ACR offshore spokesperson George Poveromo and his 28ft fishing boat

The offshore spokesperson for safety and survival experts ACR Electronics, George Poveromo, is advising commercial operators and leisure boat owners to be aware of new United States Coast Guard AIS regulations to be introduced in US waters on March 1. He says the new mandate, which increases the number of commercial vessels required to install AIS, is set to improve navigational safety for everyone as the amount of vessel traffic information and data available to AIS users at sea expands.

Saltwater fisherman Poveromo is reminding commercial owners affected by the regulations to comply or risk a fine, and urging all boaters to capitalize on the growth in the use of AIS and consider installing AIS Class A or Class B transceivers this season to enhance safety on board.

He said: “The imminent enforcement of the new USCG AIS regulations will make AIS technology even more appealing to all boaters as a new level of safety and as an extra back-up for individual captains, crew and families to use in conjunction with other products. As more commercial vessels are forced to comply with the AIS rule, the prospect of harnessing the general safety and navigational benefits of being able to see other AIS equipped vessels and be seen as well is also appealing to more leisure boaters.

“I urge all commercial operators and owners to look carefully at the USCG rule changes to find out if they are affected so they can install the appropriate transceiver. Having recently installed AIS myself on my 28ft fishing boat as an added safety feature, I can confirm that it is also an incredibly reassuring resource for leisure boaters for use as both a safety and navigational tool and also as a potential aid for search and rescue. It is particularly important for anyone on the water at night or during times of poor visibility or squally weather. Instead of just seeing lights in the distance, AIS enables me to see and identify other boats, check their course and movements and therefore establish whether I am in danger. Not only can I see other boats, but they can see me on their screen at times when they may be operating using autopilot. Knowing the names of boats is also a great advantage, enabling the possibility of a direct call in an emergency.”

Developed to enhance the safety and security of maritime transportation, the new AIS mandate will require a wide range of US-flag and foreign-flag commercial vessels operating along US coasts, in ports, rivers, lakes and seas to install and operate a USCG type-approved AIS transceiver before the March 1 2016 deadline.

Owners or operators affected include those who are an existing AIS user or who operate vessels including: commercial self-propelled vessels of 65 feet or more in length or, for towing vessels, 26 feet or more and more than 600 hp; passenger vessels certificated to carry more than 150 passengers; vessels that move or carry certain hazardous cargo; and vessels that engage in dredging in or near a commercial channel.

Most commercial vessels will need to install AIS Class A devices, but certain vessels, including fishing industry vessels, dredges and small passengers vessels that operate outside US Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Areas or at speeds less than 14knots, can use the considerably less expensive Class B device.

To help commercial owners and operators minimize any costs associated with meeting the new USCG mandate and encourage leisure boaters to use the technology, ACR is offering a rebate on both its AIS Class A and Class B transceivers. The AISLink CA1 and AISLink CB1 are both available at a reduced price until April 1.

For more information about the rebate, visit For background on AIS (Automatic Identification System) and the new USCG (United States Coast Guard) AIS mandate, visit

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