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Dometic: To Introduce New Titan Chiller Featuring Titanium Tube Condenser at Seawork

Press Release   •   May 16, 2016 14:45 BST

Dometic Titan Chiller

Leader in water-cooled technology ensures chiller longevity for the future with revolutionary robust system which is virtually immune to erosion and corrosion

Seawork International 2016, Mayflower Park, Southampton, 14th to 16th June, Stand PG90

Dometic is introducing its new Titan Chiller with revolutionary titanium tube condenser at this year’s Seawork International.

The Dometic Titan Chiller features condenser coils made of industrial-grade titanium which makes the units virtually immune to erosion and corrosion.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements for commercial, military and superyacht vessels, the durable Titan chiller is much easier to maintain as it can resist marine corrosion and also withstand the cleaning methods which are often used to keep invasive marine life out of the chiller’s plumbing. It is therefore particularly valuable for use in regions where extensive debris in the water requires frequent cleaning of the tubes using harsh chemicals or high water velocity which can rapidly erode the condensers.

Dometic engineers have created the superior chiller by developing an innovative patent-pending method which enables the difficult connection between the titanium inner tube and the exterior tube.

Steve Morris, Director EMEA – Technical and Sales Application Division, Dometic, said: “As an industry leader in water-cooled condenser technology, we are aware that aggressive corrosion in certain regions of the world is adversely affecting the standard 90/10 cupronickel condensers that have been used for the past 50 years. To ensure our air conditioning systems feature the same longevity to last for the next half century, we have taken the opportunity to completely re-engineer this aspect of our systems.

“Titanium is a very strong material that does not erode easily and therefore makes robust and long-lasting condenser tubes for vessel chillers. Although cupronickel is currently still appropriate in smaller duty self-contained and split gas systems, our capability to use titanium represents a fundamental shift that will have a huge impact on the way future chillers are designed and manufactured. The Titan sets the standard for corrosion-resistant design and provides peace of mind for commercial operators making a significant investment in their chiller system.

“It is also important to stress that, while chemical cleaning plays a key role in system performance, it is critical for the boat owner or maintenance company to ensure they are using the correct chemicals and concentration of chemicals with no ‘over-flushing’. We found in our own independent chemical report that over concentration or incorrect chemical agents significantly contributes to the corrosive effect on cupronickel pipework.”

The Titan Chiller is covered under a Dometic five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

To view a video of the unit, click

Dometic is also introducing the new fully automatic Dometic Sea Xchange CX Watermaker, which is a high-capacity unit built for extreme offshore conditions. It can produce between 1,262 litres per hour (30,000 litres per day) to 4,730 litres per hour (113,000 litres per day) of potable water for a wide range of commercial applications, including on offshore platforms, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities, workboats, military vessels and island resorts.

Additional products at Seawork International include the VARC48 and VARC72 variable capacity chiller models and Dometic’s Ship-Wide Ventilation product range.

For more information about the Dometic products, please visit Stand PG90 at this year’s Seawork International.

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