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Excel Marine: Bilge Bug™ Introduced for First Time at Southampton Boat Show 2015

Press Release   •   Aug 01, 2015 13:18 BST

Excel Marine will introduce its water detection switch for exceptionally reliable bilge pump operation at this year’s Southampton Boat Show on the PD Filtration stand. The Bilge Bug is a truly unique device, designed and engineered in the UK to provide the safest and most reliable clearance of bilge water available. While other electric switches and integrated bilge pump systems are available, Bilge Bug can be relied upon to provide 7 years+ uninterrupted service due to its innovative design and robust construction.

With no moving parts and IP 67 rated for watertight protection of the electronics, the Bilge Bug requires minimal maintenance and has been designed to be exceptionally frugal in battery consumption. Solid state electronics cater for multiple voltages suitable for both 12v and 24v systems. Bilge Bug also incorporates a timed on/off delay that further reduces operating power consumption and extends the pump life. There is no need to run a dry test to check the bilge switch is activated, as an LED light, which can be easily seen in the bilge, indicating full working order.

The Bilge Bug has been designed to care for the environment too as the device will detect non-water such as oil or fuel and refuse to activate the pump to avoid pumping unwanted spillages into the sea or river.

Installation of the Bilge Bug is very easy and can be achieved quickly by most owners or yards as there is no need to worry about the angle of installation, or cables and other equipment interfering with the operation. Once the Bilge Bug is secured to the hull and connected to the pump and battery it will continue to safeguard the vessel throughout its long life with minimal maintenance.

The unique contaminant repellent, high visibility coating repels oil and fuel while the robust construction ensures the Bilge Bug can withstand all that the tough environment of the sea can throw at it year after year.

For further information, please contact:

Andrew Davenport
Excel Marine
Tel: +44(01209) 617367