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[Guest Blog] Mats Jutterström comments on "CSR from a Management Perspective”

Blog post   •   Feb 17, 2014 10:46 GMT

I would like to make two comments to the description of the event:

Firstly, on CSR/sustainability as a value creator. While the understanding of CSR as a significant tool for building brands, improving risk management and stakeholder relationships etc. generally increases, my impression is that the ideas of how much this really increases overall competitiveness still differs within business firms in general. It is also a topic of much internal debate. When it comes to CSR/sustainability as a significant tool for increasing efficiency (cost management) for business firms, I think we will see a considerable shift among practitioners the years to come, from negative impact on efficiency to mainly positive. This development will very much be a result of experience-based learning.

Secondly, Nigel Salters comment on the leading business firms in the world, pushing the limits as well as thinking out of the box when it comes to CSR/sustainability, is a very inspiring one. Even though we have a lot of really good examples of CSR management among business firms in Sweden, we should not forget that much inspiration may come from global benchmarking in this matter!

Mats Jutterström, HHS 

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