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Why you should get involved in Small Charity Week 2017

Blog post   •   May 05, 2017 11:09 BST

This year will be the seventh year of Small Charity Week, a brainchild of the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) which was launched as a way of profiling the amazing work of the UK’s small charity sector.

Despite making up 97% of the charitable sector, when it comes to receiving funding, raising awareness, and engaging with policy makers, small charities are frequently overshadowed.

When it was first launched, Small Charity Week was actually Small Charity Day. But it became clear that there was so much to celebrate, the campaign expanded to six days of themed activities to support and profile small charities and local community groups with an annual turnover up to £1.5 million.

Small Charity Week 2017 (19th-24th June) will provide support that will enable small charities to raise their profile, and gain new knowledge and skills to support them to thrive. Whether it be providing fundraising opportunities, improving knowledge, fundraising skills, or social media know-how;the week has something for everyone.

Monday: I Small Charities Day

I ♥ Small Charities Day, taking place on 19th June, as a day to raise awareness of the constant hard work of small charities across the UK.

There are three competitions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help you to engage with current and new supporters and to win cash prizes. All entrants need to do is take a photo of themselves holding up a poster that reads: “I love (charities name) because (why they love them)”.

Tuesday: Big Advice Day

Expert advice is not always easy to come by when resources are stretched and this can be a particular problem for small charities. Big Advice Day will take place on 20th June, involving a national London event and various regional events where small charities can access expert 1:1 advice on a variety of topics, including advice directly from a range of funders and fundraisers.

Wednesday: Policy Day

Small charities are the centre of Civil Society. It is important therefore that the voices of small charities are heard.

To mark Policy Day 2017, a policy reception will be held at the Cabinet Offices’ exclusive Churchill Room on June 21st for Trustees of smaller organisations with a specific focus on Trustee skills.

A separate International Charity Debate will be taking place for charities working overseas, hosted by Lord Blunkett in the House of Lords, the theme will be “Small charities have no role in international development: the Global South should take ownership of their own development needs”.

Thursday: Fundraising Day

Fundraising Day is action packed this year on 22nd June with 7 initiatives to help small charities engage with current and new supporters. Kicking off the activities is the FSI’s Fundraising Conference offering small charities the opportunity to learn from experts at an all-day event in London.

Next up is Localgiving’s matched funding campaign which will be doubling individual donations to UK small charities pound for pound by up to £25. The campaign will take place on Fundraising Day launching at 10:00 and running until the £20,000 fund runs out, or 23:59 – whichever comes first

eBay have got involved with Fundraising Day too! They are offering small charities the chance appear to eBay users at checkout asking them to donate, as well as the chance to auction off prizes in the Small Charity eBay Auction with matched funding of £1,000 for the two highest selling items.

Leetchi are offering all charities signing up with them £50 towards a fundraising project plus the chance to win an additional £1,500 of matched funding.

Friday: Small Charity Big Impact Day

To celebrate the amazing impact that small charities make, the FSI has launched the Small Charity Big Impact Awards with some great prizes available for the winning charities.

Charities can nominate themselves for the awards by simply filling out a short questionnaire on the impact they make. Winners will be announced on Small Charity Big Impact Day on 23rd June.

Saturday: Celebration Day

Small Charity Week closes on the 24th June with a day to celebrate small charities everywhere. Celebration Day is a great big thank you to small charities for all the effort they put in to make the world a better place.

If you are a small charity and any of the activities taking place in Small Charity Week would be useful to your organisation,sign up today through the website.

To keepup to date with all Small Charity Week news, sign up to our mailing list – email us on or @SCWeek2017 on Twitter.

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