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Alcohol and stroke risk study - the Stroke Association response

News   •   Nov 24, 2016 14:13 GMT

A new study conducted at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, and the University of Cambridge, suggests that alcohol could hamper the formation of dangerous blood clots. However, the researchers warned against drinking to protect the brain, saying that the resulting increase in high blood pressure would offset any benefit.

Commenting on the research, Dr Shamim Quadir, Research Communications Manager at the Stroke Association, said: “This research suggests that there is much more to understand about the effects of alcohol consumption on different types of stroke. It found that heavy alcohol consumption was associated with an increased risk of all types of stroke. The study also suggests that future research investigate links between alcohol drinking patterns and different types of stroke. This includes binge drinking – which is when you drink a large amount of alcohol in a short space of time.

“We can all take steps to reduce our risk of stroke. This includes sticking to the Government's recommended daily limits for alcohol, stopping smoking, taking regular exercise, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and getting regular blood pressure checks. Anyone concerned about their risk of stroke should talk to their GP.”