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Men who get fit in middle age can halve their risk of strokes - Stroke Association comments

News   •   Aug 29, 2017 09:30 BST

Researchers at the University of Oslo have been investigating whether people with less active lifestyles are able to take steps to prevent a stroke. 

Richard Francis, Head of Research Awards at the Stroke Association, said: “This abstract appears to suggest that changes in fitness among middle aged healthy men may predict a stroke in later life. However, these findings should be treated with caution: we look forward to see their full publication.

“Everyone can take steps to lower their stroke risk with simple lifestyle changes, like eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and stopping smoking. Regular exercise is known to have many positive effects, such as help to maintain a healthy weight, improving mood, as well as increasing fitness. If you have any concern about your risk of stroke, you should contact your GP.”