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Positive review of Colombian sweet quinoa

News   •   Jul 14, 2016 17:20 BST

Stephen Gorad reviewed the quinoa seed of Primefoods Colombia as follows: 

This is a review of Prime Foods of Colombia's quinoa. Yes, Colombia is another Andean country with a tradition of growing (at high altitudes) and eating quinoa.

"I finally got a chance to cook and taste your quinoa. I did a small batch last night of the quinoa as is (without rinsing it before cooking), and then again this morning (rinsing it before cooking). I do both methods because many people do not rinse their grains before cooking, and I want to know what kind of experience they will have.

Both samples turned out quite excellent. Neither was bitter. Both had a really good quinoa taste.

There was not a lot of foam produced on the top of the cooking water (a lot of foam would indicate presence of saponins). Your quinoa seemed to require a bit more water than usual (usually two parts water to one part quinoa). Perhaps the grain is a bit harder, and as a consequence it has a slightly different "mouth feel" than Bolivian or Peruvian. It is crunchier. This is a good thing, as many people now prefer this. I found it thoroughly delightful.

I, of course, noted that your Colombian is smaller than Bolivian and Peruvian [see photo ... Bolivian is on the right, Colombian on the left]. But size is not necessarily a problem, especially since your quinoa has that distinctive "mouth feel."

I also inspected the raw grain. I found it very clean (free of any foreign material), but also visually free of saponin resin. Your processing method seems to have accomplished its task [or perhaps you are working with low saponin varieties?]. I saw very little germ damage (something that happens during dry polishing).

All in all I was very happy with the sample you provided. I would definitely recommend your quinoa both as an ingredient in various manufactured goods, but also as a whole grain."

PrimeFoods is a participant in CBI's export coaching program and will exhibit at SIAL Paris this year. 

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